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Psychology Research Topics - 200+ Interesting Ideas

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Published on: Jan 6, 2018

Last updated on: May 26, 2023

Psychology Research Topics

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Finding a good psychology research paper topic is important for a good paper. Research paper topics are the starting points of research work. They provide a proper direction to the paper and helps the students stay focused and in line with their work.

Psychology is an interesting branch of science that requires much attention from students. It is indeed a complex knowledge area. Thus, writing a research paper on this subject can be both challenging and exciting at the same time.

The starting point of every research work is to choose a proper direction and a unique topic. As psychology has different branches; therefore, it becomes difficult for most students to make a choice.

While searching for a research topic in psychology, make sure it should pique the reader’s interest. It helps them perceive the content and main idea of the research.

Here, the instructor is your prime reader and audience. Therefore, make every word count in your paper by considering the guidelines.

The following list contains some unique psychology research topics to help you get started.

Psychology Research Paper Definition

A psychology research paper mainly aims to educate the audience about recent developments in the psychology field. For this, it contains new theories, experiments, ideas, and arguments.

Such types of research papers require:

  • Serious writing effort.
  • Extensive literature research.
  • Understanding of the experimental methods (surveys, sampling techniques, statistical procedures)
  • Testing thought originality.
  • Gathering and evaluating supporting evidence.
  • Delivering ideas to the audience efficiently.

There is absolutely nothing more important for psychology students than their research papers. A staggering amount of psychology research papers are published every year. This is one of the reasons many students struggle to find good paper ideas.

How to Choose Psychology Research Paper Topics?

To choose interesting research topics for a psychology paper, follow the below tips.

  • Brainstorm an idea based on your knowledge. Then try to search it online using more specific keywords. If it is a valid research theory, you will find more links to the scholarly papers on the topic. Similarly, you can also look for similar interesting ideas.
  • Search for a broad list of topics related to the subfield that interests you the most. It will help to explore a large number of topics in psychology rather than just a few ideas.
  • Read any publications and articles about your area of interest. This way, you will also find several ideas that can be used in detail. Avoid generic topics such as abortion, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • If you have some good psychology topics in mind and are confused about which one to decide on, conduct research. It will help to access the existing literature and write a good topic for a psychology paper.

How to Write a Good Psychology Research Paper?

Psychology is an interesting field that can involve studying the human mind, emotions, and behavior. If you're interested in psychology, you may be considering writing a research paper on a related topic.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right psychology research topic. There are many factors to consider, such as your interests and the available resources. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you select the perfect psychology research paper topic.

  • Find a fascinating topic to research - You'll need enthusiasm to tackle anything new if you want to be motivated to learn about it. Whether it's sociology study topics, clinical psychology, or any other discipline, make sure you're interested in it.
  • Take a look at other possibilities -Check out relevant literature and other reputable sources, including recent publications from online psychology journals, to get a fresh viewpoint on the situation. Before focusing on a single concept, gather and evaluate pertinent information.
  • Conduct in-depth research - To avoid having to start from scratch, conduct comprehensive research. Find as many reputable sources as feasible to provide fact-based knowledge and backup all of your claims.
  • Make a plan for your paper - Having an outline will help you avoid having sentences or paragraphs run together.
  • Engage the reader immediately - Make a fascinating inquiry or argument, or reveal something startling in the beginning. Capture and keep the attention of the reader.
  • Make your writing helpful, interesting, and flawless - Demonstrate professionalism by using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, style, and language.
  • Cite all of your sources - Make sure you properly credit the original authors and avoid plagiarism by using correct citations for all references. Include in-text citations and a reference list at the conclusion of your paper.

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to writing an excellent psychology research paper.

Good Psychology Research Topics 2022

Below are some interesting psychology topics to help you get started.

Social Psychology Research Topics

  • Which factors bring a severe change in a person’s perspective towards religion?
  • How do families cope with grief?
  • Roles of aggression and violence in society.
  • The psychological perspective of disabled beings.
  • Is physical disability equivalent to psychological disability?
  • Depression and its impact on cognitive development.
  • What is the response of the people when nonverbal communication does not match verbal behavior?
  • How good are people at exposing lies?
  • What is the reaction of the people when social norms are violated?
  • Online social platforms enable people to interact more.

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

  • How does development play a role in tackling bullying?
  • Does the media encourage violence and child abuse?
  • What is psychopathic behavior in youth?
  • Learning capabilities diminish with age. Agreed?
  • How is violence instilled in children?
  • Students listening to music while studying perform better in exams.
  • How can bullying impact a student’s achievement?
  • Children who eat breakfast tend to perform better at school.
  • Older adults are more likely to have a better memory.
  • Health effects on psychological development.

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

  • How does autism affect young children?
  • How do people encounter memories?
  • Memories affect psychological abilities. Discuss.
  • Can critical thinking be measured?
  • How to increase critical abilities?
  • How can memory loss be recovered?
  • How is the use of color important in cognitive psychology?
  • How can judgments influence us?
  • How do speech disorders impact children?
  • How can ADHD influence our development and growth?

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

  • Discuss the causes of mass suicide among teenagers.
  • Serial killers do have a mental disorder? Discuss.
  • Discuss the factors behind the higher rates of murderers.
  • How is forensic psychology different from clinical psychology?
  • Can forensic psychologists use YouTube as a source of information and learning?
  • What causes a rise in the number of terror groups?
  • Explain the causes of mass killings in the U.S.
  • Discuss practical strategies for effective internet policing.
  • A better upbringing can prevent a person from becoming a serial killer. How?
  • How effective is rehabilitation in prisons?

Health Psychology Research Topics

  • What will psychological approaches help one conform to diets and exercise?
  • Is there a link between the "ideal body" and eating disorders?
  • Discuss psychological strategies to deal with the long-term effects of losing a parent.
  • Explain the dynamics of anxiety.
  • Are there any psychological approaches to deal with chain smokers and drinkers?
  • What are the possible solutions for a seasonal affective disorder?
  • How to manage stress in cancer patients?
  • How is physical exercise essential for controlling mood swings?
  • How to cure chronic pain through yoga?
  • Discuss effective communication strategies to encourage AIDS patients.

History Psychology Research Topics

  • What is the history of psychology and its usage?
  • Discuss the core concept of Freud and theories.
  • Mythology and psychology. Define the relationship between them.
  • History of psychological issues, causes, and treatment.
  • Discuss the development in the stages of psychology.
  • Psychological age of humans, and how is it measured?
  • Does Socionics really work?
  • What is the difference between psychology and psychiatry?
  • Was Gestalt Psychology a failure or a success?
  • The cognitive process was a true revolution in psychology. How?

Topic Generator

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Experimental Psychology Research Topics

  • What are the validity and reliability concerns in psychological testing?
  • How is qualitative research more appropriate than quantitative research?
  • What is Mood Freezing? What are its implications?
  • What are the important statistical techniques for psychology?
  • Sleep deprivation has an impact on short-term memory. Discuss.
  • What are the primary techniques for psychological research
  • Are women better at remembering words and numbers?
  • Explain experimental designs in psychological studies.
  • What are the imaging techniques for the effective functioning of the brain?
  • A person’s taste in music offers hints about its personality. Discuss the concept.

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

  • Describe the role of therapists.
  • Discuss the anxiety disorders in male adults.
  • Is family therapy helpful?
  • Discuss the difference between mood disorders and mental disorders.
  • What are the factors leading to dissociative orders?
  • Controlling chronic pain through psychology. How?
  • Antidepressants are the best form of therapy. Elaborate.
  • What are the effects of abusive relationships?
  • Discuss the effects of insomnia.
  • Cognitive therapy can be used to treat anxiety disorders. How?

Applied Psychology Research Topics

  • What are the human factors that affect applied psychology?
  • What is environmental psychology?
  • Discuss the organizational behavior in management.
  • Community psychology affects individuals’ psychology. Discuss.
  • Is there a relationship between law and psychology?
  • Elaborate on Psychology and recognition of the discipline.
  • What is the importance of psychology in the military?
  • What is an applied behavior analysis?
  • What are the major offender treatment programs?
  • Discuss the effects of domestic abuse.

Sport Psychology Research Topics

  • Discuss future trends in sports psychology.
  • Enlist the challenges faced by new coaches.
  • What is meant by the term team chemistry?
  • How has sport psychology evolved in the last ten years?
  • How athletes control and manage their emotions effectively?
  • Discuss the role of team chemistry in building a team.
  • Discuss the role of the coach in developing self-confidence in a player.
  • What are the techniques to handle pressure by the players?
  • Discuss the results of having good behavior in the sports field?
  • Football coaches also have a mental role and not just a physical one. Discuss.

Psychology Research Topics About Dreams

  • Dreams are directly connected to the soul. How?
  • Can dreams indicate a person’s future personality?
  • Can dreams reveal who we are as an individual?
  • How do adolescent dreams differ from those of college students?
  • What are the ways to transform dreams into reality?
  • How can dreams influence our decisions?
  • What do you dream about?
  • Why does your brain need to dream?
  • Discuss how dreaming is a healthy exercise for the brain.
  • Men's dreams seem to be more violent and physical. Why?

Psychology Research Topics on Depression

  • Discuss the major causes of depression among teenagers.
  • What are the methods to treat depression effectively?
  • Is depression a mental illness?
  • Can depression be diagnosed?
  • Explain the types of depression.
  • What role can teachers play to solve depression among students?
  • How can the government solve mental health issues like depression?
  • Discuss the common signs that you are entering into depression.
  • How can parental neglect lead to depression among children?
  • Poor financial conditions cause depression. Discuss.

Psychology Research Topics Autism

  • The rise in autism is caused by environmental pressure. Discuss.
  • Why is autism referred to as a spectrum?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of autism?
  • What skills do people with the artistic spectrum bring to their jobs?
  • Discuss the advantages of being autistic.
  • What are the drawbacks of being autistic?
  • How can autism be diagnosed in the early stages?
  • What educational programs the government has introduced for autistic people?
  • Discuss the behavior of autistic people with their family members.
  • Discuss the effects of music on the life of an autistic person.

Psychology Research Topics on Social Media

  • What are the effects of social media on youth?
  • Explain cyberbullying and its negative consequences.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of social media.
  • How can social media cause people to commit suicide?
  • Social media can also help people to deal with chronic diseases. How?
  • How can social media strengthen or break relationships?
  • Can the world survive without social media?
  • How has social media transformed psychological education?
  • Social media relationships do not last for a longer time. Discuss reasons.
  • Social media is doing more harm than good. How?

Psychology Research Topics for Undergraduate Students

  • What are the impacts of childhood trauma on the mental state?
  • How does psychology differ in different countries?
  • What techniques help to cure mental illnesses?
  • Violent music has adverse effects on children. Discuss.
  • Are child obesity and parental negligence linked?
  • Are school uniforms necessary?
  • Tolerance can improve mental health. How?
  • How to understand and control teenage suicide?
  • What problems do homeless people usually face?
  • Discuss the link between TV and obesity.

Psychology Research Topics for High School Students

  • What is the relationship between physical illness and depression?
  • How can overcrowding affect human beings?
  • How can phobias impact personalities?
  • What are the causes of shyness in adults?
  • How can habits be changed?
  • Discuss the factors that can cause multiple personality disorders among children.
  • What are the effects of hate crimes on the community?
  • Environmental factors in triggering depression. Discuss.
  • Social isolation can cause anxiety. How?
  • What are the effects of terrorism on child psychology?

Psychology Research Topics for College Students

  • Why is psychological relaxation important?
  • Happiness is a psychological well-being measure. Discuss the concept.
  • What are the effects of miscarriage on the mental health of the couple?
  • What are the psychological impacts of terrorism?
  • Can faith be an extended source of human cognition?
  • Can postpartum depression be reduced?
  • Discuss the best treatment for adults having dementia.
  • Elderly and Alzheimer’s disease. Reasons and remedies.
  • What are the stages of loss and coping with grief?
  • What is the psychology of propaganda?

You can also get some interesting research paper topics and ideas from this list for your paper.

These easy psychology research topics will help you pick a particular topic to create your research paper outline. Similarly, you can also find a unique topic by following the tips mentioned above.

We understand that all types of psychology papers require extensive research and writing effort by the students.

However, there are cases when writing a term paper becomes difficult. You may have a brilliant idea to write on, and you have also gathered the required information. But you won't get good grades if you do not meet the paper’s specifications.

This is where the professional help from comes in. Our professional essay writers will assist in finding unique topic ideas for your psychology research paper. 

Similarly, our legit essay writing service can also provide 100% original research papers written from scratch. We guarantee you top grades and high-quality essays, papers, and case studies.

If you are still confused about taking our paper writing help, check out the samples available on our website.

Contact our team to place your order now and get your paper done at reasonable price.

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Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

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