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Detect AI-Written Content

The outburst of AI-generated content is blurring the lines of originality. This poses a real challenge for content creators, students, and professionals alike. How do you tell if a piece of writing is someone's own work or the product of an AI?

Our AI Detector tool tackles this head-on. Trained on various AI models, it quickly identifies AI-generated texts. Free, fast, and multilingual, it's an essential tool for all writers.

Transform it Into Human-Written Content’s AI Humanizer refines AI-generated content, transforming it into naturally sounding text that mirrors human writing.

This tool not only preserves the original intent and style of the content but also adapts it in a tone that appeals to human readers. Additionally, it retains crucial elements to ensure your content retains its intended context.


Streamlined for Simplicity and Reach

Discover a simpler way to ensure the authenticity of your content across multiple languages, all with a tool that’s accessible without any barriers.

  1. No LIMIT On Checks
  2. Detects 27+ Languages
  3. 100% FREE For Use
  4. No SIGNUP required


How Our Tool Stands Out

Explore the diverse capabilities of our tool below and see how it can transform your AI content detection and humanization process. Each feature is tailored to meet the demands of modern content creators, offering a seamless integration that uplifts both the quality and integrity of your work.

Fast and Precise

Experience rapid results without compromising on accuracy, ensuring timely and reliable insights. Our tool quickly processes your content, providing fast feedback that doesn't sacrifice precision.

Enhanced Detection

Identify both directly plagiarized and subtly paraphrased AI content with sophisticated scanning technology. Our advanced algorithms can detect variations of AI-generated text, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Detailed Analysis

Receive comprehensive reports that clearly outline the presence of AI-generated content. Our detailed analysis includes specific insights into how content was identified, offering clarity and understanding.

Bulk Processing

Easily upload and analyze complete documents at once for efficient AI detection. This feature allows for the processing of large volumes of text, saving time and increasing productivity.

Global Support

Utilize our tool across 27+ languages, making it versatile for international use. Our multi-language support expands the tool’s usability across different linguistic landscapes, broadening its reach and effectiveness.

Inside Our AI Content Detector

Our AI checker employs the OriginsAI Framework, a multi-stage methodology designed to accurately identify AI-generated content while minimizing false positives and negatives.


Our tool excels at detecting AI content from models such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, Gemini, and LLaMa.

It uses a deep learning approach trained on extensive text collections, including vast internet resources, educational datasets, and our unique synthetic AI datasets. Continuously updated to recognize the latest AI models, our tool has been maintaining the lowest false positive rate - tested across over 20,000 human-written papers.

Here are the major components driving our OriginsAI Framework for detecting AI content:

What are Users Saying?

Hear from those who have put our AI detector and humanizer to the test.

Mark Johnson, SEO Specialist

"I've been using this tool for a couple of months to screen content for AI traces before publishing. It's straightforward and does exactly what it needs to without any fuss. Really helps with maintaining content quality."

Emily Carter, Business Owner

"As someone who manages multiple blogs, this tool has been a time-saver. It helps me ensure the content we produce still feels personal and genuine, even when we start with AI drafts."

Lisa Huang, Educator

"I introduced this tool in my classroom to help students understand the difference between AI-generated and human-written content. It's been an invaluable part of our digital literacy lessons."

Tom Reed, College Student

"For my assignments, ensuring my submissions are original and sound human is crucial. This tool helped me rework some sections of my papers, making them feel more 'me'."

Derek Miles, Social Media Influencer

"Content authenticity is key in maintaining trust with my audience. This tool helped me tweak AI suggestions so that everything I post still sounds like it comes directly from me."

Sarah Kim, Researcher

"In academic work, the tone and authenticity of your writing matter a lot. This tool helped me refine articles and papers efficiently, keeping the human touch intact."

Who Can Benefit from Our AI Detector & AI Humanizer?

Make sure your research, assignments, marketing materials, and blog posts are free from AI!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI detection?

AI detection refers to the process of identifying whether content, such as text or media, has been generated by artificial intelligence rather than created by humans. This involves analyzing the characteristics of the content to spot patterns and markers that are typical of AI models. AI detection tools use various algorithms and methodologies to distinguish AI-generated content from human-made material. They help to ensure authenticity and integrity in areas like academia, journalism, and online content creation.

What does this AI detectors’ report tell?

The report generated by our AI checker provides a detailed analysis of the content submitted. It includes an overall AI percentage, which indicates how much of the text is likely to be AI-generated. Additionally, the report highlights specific sections of the content that the tool has identified as AI-written. This allows users to see exactly which parts of the text are flagged by the detector, offering clear insights into the nature of the content's creation.

What is the accuracy rate of’s AI detection tool?

The accuracy rate of’s AI detection tool is 93.8%. This high level of precision has been confirmed through rigorous testing on over 20,000 pieces of content, ensuring reliable and accurate detection of AI-generated texts. However, it is important to note that there isn’t any AI detector online that can ensure 100% accuracy.

Will my text get plagiarized or be available online, if I check or humanize it from this tool?

No, your text will not get plagiarized or be available online when you use our tool. Our AI detection tool does not retain any data once the analysis is complete, ensuring your content remains private.

Additionally, we have implemented a robust security feature, known as the GPT Detection Shield. It prevents other tools or programs from accessing or altering your data. This ensures complete confidentiality and security of your submissions.

How can I cite this AI content detector?

To cite our tool in your work, you can use the following format based on common citation styles:

APA Style: (Year). AI Detector. Retrieved from [URL]

MLA Style: "AI Detector." Year. Web. Accessed Day Month Year. [URL]

Chicago Style: Year. "AI Detector." Accessed Month Day, Year. [URL]

Replace 'Year,' 'Day Month Year,' and '[URL]' with the actual year of access, the date you accessed the tool, and the URL of the tool page respectively. You can also change the positions of these fields in the citation according to your preferred citation format. This will help others locate the tool and verify its authenticity.

Does your AI content detection tool work with different languages?

Yes, our AI content detection tool supports multiple languages. It is capable of analyzing and detecting AI-generated content in over 27 languages. Some of these include Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch, etc.

How do you avoid false accusations?

To avoid false accusations of AI-generated content, our tool employs a sophisticated multi-stage detection methodology combined with deep learning algorithms trained on extensive datasets. This approach enhances the accuracy and reliability of our results. Additionally, our tool is continuously updated and tested on a wide range of texts. This helps minimize the rate of false positives and ensures that genuine human-written content is correctly identified.

Can your tool detect mixed text where human-created text has been jumbled with AI-generated text?

Yes! Our tool is designed to detect mixed texts where human-created content is interspersed with AI-generated text. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the writing style and structure of the content, identifying shifts and patterns that typically indicate AI involvement. This capability allows it to accurately pinpoint AI text sections, even when they are mixed with human-written parts.

Does it only detect ChatGPT outputs?

No, our tool does not only detect ChatGPT outputs. It is equipped to identify content generated by a wide range of AI models. These include but are not limited to GPT-3, GPT-4, Gemini, LLaMa, and many others.

What are the limitations of this tool?

While our AI detection tool is highly effective, it does have some limitations. Firstly, it may occasionally miss very subtle AI interventions or mistakenly flag complex human writing styles as AI-generated. However, such cases are rare due to our low false positive rate.

Additionally, its performance can vary slightly depending on the language and the specific characteristics of the text being analyzed. This is because some languages and newer AI models may not be as extensively covered in the training data.

Lastly, like any automated system, it relies on the quality and diversity of its training datasets. While comprehensive, these datasets cannot encapsulate every possible writing style or context.

Are you storing data from API calls?

No, we do not store data from API calls. Our tool processes the text submitted for analysis in real time. So, it does not retain any of the data once the check is completed.

Furthermore, our GPT Detection Shield function enhances security by actively preventing any external access or data retention. This ensures that the tool’s training or working can not be altered or misused in any way.

Is the SEO value of my content retained when your tool humanizes it?

Yes, our tool recognizes the significance of SEO and preserves key keywords, making sure your content remains optimized for search engines while retaining its original value.

Get ahead of AI-generated content!