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Exemplification Essay - A Complete Guide With Samples

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Published on: Aug 5, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 25, 2023

Exemplification Essay

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Writing an exemplification essay may sound like a challenging task. But, it is not that difficult if you know the basic essay writing principles. It is not the most common type of essay assignment you may receive. So, when facing it for the first time, you may get confused.

If you have to write a good exemplification essay for your academic assignment, get help from this guide. Continue reading the blog to learn how to write an exemplification essay correctly.

Exemplification Essay Definition

An exemplification essay is a form of an argumentative essay. In this essay, specific examples are provided to prove the point of the writer. When writing an exemplification essay, giving just a description of the topic is not enough. It is an important academic assignment that supports the essay’s main argument by using reasons supported by relevant examples.

The examples will help you define, elaborate, and prove your point of view. Although it is similar to the argumentative essay, you will have to prove the selected topic by including detailed examples. These include statistics, facts, and other related material from reliable sources.

Without supporting your arguments with facts, writing this essay is not possible. Writing an exemplification essay will help you learn how to provide examples to prove your stance. This will help you in other academic writings as well.

For this purpose, it is essential to know how an exemplification essay can be written. Continue reading and you will learn about the writing process in more detail!

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Exemplification Essay Outline

When writing an exemplification essay, follow the traditional essay structure of an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The following is a standard layout that can be used as a template.

1. Introduction

    • Topic introduction
    • Hook
    • Thesis Statement

2. Body

    • Point 1
      • First example
    • Point 2
      • Second example
    • Point 3
      • Third example

3. Conclusion

    • Summarize each point's findings
    • Concluding Statement

How to Write an Exemplification Essay? 8 Simple Steps!

Thinking about how to start an exemplification essay? The writing process of an exemplification essay is based on a few pre-writing steps. You can write a winning exemplification essay by following these writing steps.

1. Choosing a Topic

Picking a good theme plays an important role in the overall success of the essay. Give time, and make sure to choose a topic that is unique and specific. Your topic should not be too broad or narrow. Broad topics are way too general, and it will be difficult for you to find good examples in narrow topics.

2. Brainstorming Ideas

Once you have chosen a topic for your exemplification essay, it is time to brainstorm ideas. Think of ideas and points that best support your theme. Think of angles in which you want your topic to be described in the content. List down all your thoughts and ideas.

It is in this brainstorming process that you will decide on the main stance for your essay. Your main stance will be the thesis statement on which your entire exemplification essay will be based.

3. Choosing Appropriate Examples

Now that you have written down the ideas to write the content for your essay, conduct research. You need to find strong supporting information. Research the topic well to find out relevant material to back up the main argument of the essay.

The more time spent on research, the more examples you will have to prove your exemplification essay thesis. Make sure to use information from credible sources such as journals, reputable newspapers, books, etc.

4. Creating an Exemplification Outline

When you start writing an essay, it is better to start with creating an exemplification essay outline. Before heading towards the actual writing process, it is better to understand what to add to your paper clearly.

It is due to the outline that your content takes structure and meaning. An outline helps organize all the raw data into an understandable text. An outline is formed, dividing the information into different sections.

According to the 5 paragraph format, your essay should have the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraph1
  3. Body Paragraph 2
  4. Body Paragraph 3
  5. Conclusion

Once you have an essay outline in hand, move on to the writing process.

5. Write the Introduction of the Essay

After creating a rough outline, it is time to get started on the writing process. The introduction is the first section of an exemplification essay. In this part, the topic is introduced to the readers to give them an idea about the whole essay.

The introductory paragraph is started with an opening statement that is known as a hook. It is a line or a sentence used to grab the reader’s attention to the essay. A hook can take any form, such as a quote, funny statement, fact, statistics, or an anecdote depending on the topic.

After the hook statement, a brief explanation about the theme of the essay is provided that is explored in the content. Moreover, the reasons for choosing the theme are also stated. The introduction section is the most important part of the essay as it initiates the discussion on the topic.

In this chapter, the writer also explains the type of readers that can benefit from that specific essay. At the end of the introductory paragraph, the writer presents his stance on the topic in the form of a thesis statement.

Write an introduction with a strong and arguable thesis statement. Make sure that the evidence provided for it is strong enough to persuade the audience.

6. Write the Body Paragraphs

This section will have to elaborate on the information you have hinted at in the first paragraph.

According to the basic 5 paragraph essay format, three paragraphs are included in the body section. Each paragraph discusses a certain point or evidence supporting the thesis statement. Every paragraph in this section starts with a topic sentence. It is the point that will be discussed in the rest of the paragraph.

The explanation of the point is given after the topic sentence. There is a good example that supports what was said in the body of the essay. To maintain harmony in the body, each paragraph is connected using exemplification essay transition words. These transition words provide a smooth flow within the content.

7. Conclude the Essay

The conclusion is the last chapter of an exemplification essay. This section gives a closer look into the whole discussion held in the body paragraphs. In the concluding paragraphs, the writer sums up the discussion by summarizing the essay’s focused points.

Write a conclusion by restating your thesis statement and reminding the readers what the essay is all about. It is done by briefly referring the audience back to the main argument. Make sure the ending gives a sense of completeness to the readers.

8. Proofread and Edit Your Final Draft

Once you are done with the writing process, don’t forget to edit and proofread your text. This way you’ll be able to find the paper’s weak sections. The right approach is to read out the text aloud and find out grammar and spelling mistakes.

Go through your essay several times until it meets the assignment requirements and is free from any kind of language mistakes.

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Exemplification Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for your essay is the most crucial step. It is the topic that helps get the reader’s attention and lets the writer gather strong content. If your essay topic is not attractive, you will lose your readership for sure.

Check out these exemplification essay topics and choose the right option to write your paper and impress your audience.

Social Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Gun Control: Pros and Cons
  • Significance of the Feminist Approach
  • Positive Thinking is Psychologically Beneficial
  • The Impact of Religion on Modern Culture
  • Fast-Food Chains are Increasing the Obesity Rate in the United States. Discuss
  • Should Drugs be Decriminalized?
  • Should Everyone have Access to Healthcare?
  • Roles and responsibilities of corporations towards society.
  • Should modern toys be made gender-neutral?
  • Are physical punishments harmful to kids?

Educational Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Traditional or Online Schooling
  • Significance of pre-school on child development
  • Impact of studying foreign languages in school.
  • The effect of early education on pupils' intellect.
  • Impact of social media on education.
  • The horrific impact of texting on a layman’s vocabulary.
  • The downfalls of e-learning.
  • Why is higher education becoming extinct?
  • Impact of standardized testing.
  • Effect of personalization on students’ performance.

Cultural Exemplification Essay Topics

  • How does art therapy help depressed people?
  • How does art promote multiethnic social setups?
  • How does art foster cultural diversity among communities?
  • Has art created more or fewer job opportunities?
  • Is modern pop culture the root cause of gender discrimination?
  • Does traveling aid in education and learning?
  • How does mass media foster nihilism among teenagers?
  • Should art be restricted due to laws?
  • Should colleges and schools play a more proactive role in promoting extra-curricular?
  • How does painting encourage creativity and innovation?

Political Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Main Reasons for the First World War
  • How and why is political brutality spreading?
  • Examples of post-election destruction that lead to social unrest.
  • How does fake news impact society at large?
  • How is unethical politics being promoted by weak media laws?
  • How is democracy negatively affecting political administration?
  • Should minimum sentencing be made mandatory to curb crime?
  • How are government policies affecting the poor?
  • What is the effect of the participation of the corporations in political campaigns.
  • Impact of decriminalizing drugs.

Technology Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Business Benefits of using Social Media
  • Effects of smartphone addiction.
  • Are self-driving vehicles dangerous?
  • Is internet usage the cause of moral decline among the youth?
  • How is AI affecting employment opportunities?
  • Are online dating sites causing more kidnapping and related crimes?
  • Can laws prevent or decrease online victimization?
  • Are cameras everywhere violating people’s privacy?
  • Is technological spread promoting or fostering immorality?
  • Is the workforce at a disadvantage because of automation?

Exemplification Essay Examples

Before starting the writing process, it is good to check out some sample exemplification essays. This will help you understand how a professionally written essay looks clearly. Don’t hesitate, to have a look at this example from the expert writers of to simplify the writing process.

Exemplification Essay Grading Criteria

To answer the question of how to write an exemplification essay, you need to understand how it is graded. Your essay will be judged on how well you research the topic and give examples. You also need to make sure that everything flows together well.

To get a high grade, students must understand these evaluation criteria. The points below show what is important to keep in mind.


The relevance and clarity of an essay is important. The essay's content must be unified and it should be written within the context of the subject matter. An introductory paragraph is also necessary.


Do the examples used in the paper support the concepts that are being presented? Are the examples effectively used to help explain and clarify the concepts for readers? Do all examples in the context of the claim support it?


The transitions between paragraphs should be effective in driving readers between topics, examples, and ideas.


Are the details in the essay enough? Are the examples sufficient to be useful? Is the writer's argument accurately portraying their side of the discussion?


Are the details in the essay enough? Are the examples sufficient to be useful? Is the writer's argument accurately portraying their side of the discussion?

Keep this grading criterion in mind or treat it as a checklist when writing your exemplification essay.

Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

As stated earlier, writing an exemplification essay can be challenging if you are unaware of the basics. To make the process of writing easier, expert essay writers have gathered some simple tips.

Follow these tips to make your exemplification essay stand out.

  • Choose the topic of your essay, keeping in view the audience’s preferences. Also, identify how your readers feel about the topic.
  • While choosing examples for your essay, make sure they are relevant and support the thesis statement.
  • Note down all the examples that you gathered for your essay. It will let you select the best example while writing the content.
  • Apart from adding facts to support your thesis statement, credible stories and anecdotes can also be added.
  • To prove your point and make the readers understand you better, make sure they are following the chain of your ideas.

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Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

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