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Collection of Ideas and ‘How To’ Demonstrative Speech Topics

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demonstration speech ideas

Are you on the quest for fascinating demonstrative speech ideas to leave an ever-lasting impact on your listeners? 

With the power of words, you can do wonders in front of the audience. Being able to deliver a demonstrative speech offers a fantastic opportunity to share your practical expertise on a topic. 

But, it is common knowledge that choosing the right topic for a demonstrative speech can be a formidable task. This is where we’ll lend you a helping hand!

In this blog, we’ve gathered more than 200 demonstrative speech ideas to make the speech writing process easier for you. 

From demonstration speech ideas for students, crafts, and sports to unique and creative topics, you can decide to speak on the topic that aligns perfectly with your interest.

So, further delay, let's kick things off!

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  • 1. What is a Demonstration Speech?
  • 2. Demonstration Speech Ideas for School
  • 3. Some Tips to Write an Impactful Demonstration Speech

What is a Demonstration Speech?

As there are a lot of types of speeches out there, let’s first learn what a demonstration speech is. It will help you choose a perfect topic for your demonstration speech.

According to the definition:

“The demonstration speech is a type of informative speech where the speaker’s primary purpose is to teach the audience how to complete a task.”

Among all types of informative speeches, a demonstration speech is the simplest and easiest one. It is based on informing or showing how to perform a task efficiently. The goals could be numerous, i.e., 

  • How does the machine work? 
  • Teach the audience how to use a product
  • Demonstrating a process of something while using the visual aid, etc. 

We’ll start with topic ideas for students, and then move on to an extensive set of exciting topics. 

Demonstration Speech Ideas for School

Below are some well-researched and best demonstration speech ideas for students of diverse academic levels

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Elementary School

  • How to make a simple origami object
  • How to properly color pictures
  • How to tie a basic knot
  • How to make a simple piece of jewelry
  • How to fold a fitted sheet
  • How to make a simple snack
  • How to do a science experiment
  • How to make a simple paper airplane
  • How to skip a stone
  • How to make a simple card game

These “how speech ideas” for elementary students are going to help students understand the basics of explaining various process-related topics.

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Middle School Students

  • How to write an essay
  • How to count the stars
  • How to complete homework in 20 minutes.
  • How to decorate Easter eggs
  • How to build a snowman.
  • X easy steps to train a dog
  • The difference between an orange and an apple
  • How to train your dog
  • How to draw a monkey
  • X ways to solve a Rubik's cube easily

Demonstration Speech Ideas for High School Students

  • Demonstrate a process to edit the picture in 3D paint
  • How to register for voting
  • How to balance school life with personal life
  • X steps to write an article
  • X breakdance skills everybody should learn
  • How to build a hutch for bunnies
  • A step-by-step guide to writing a poem
  • How to read and understand the French language
  • How to prepare a play for a farewell night
  • How to complete reading a book in X days

Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

  • Mastering basic car maintenance: Oil change and tire rotation
  • How to score the perfect 3-pointer in your college basketball game
  • Cooking a gourmet three-course meal on a student budget
  • Creating stunning digital art with graphic design software
  • Mastering the basics of CPR and basic first aid
  • Demonstrate how to make a DIY RC car
  • How to apply for International scholarships
  • How to maximize your side earnings while you’re in a college
  • How to install a DIY solar panel in your home
  • How to capture an overnight time-lapse of the Milky Way

Good Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas

  • Soap carving tips
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree
  • How to make a presentation in PowerPoint
  • How to build a sandcastle
  • Useful tips for barbecue.
  • Easy steps to learn salsa
  • How to become an expert horse rider
  • How to dress up for Halloween
  • How to make customized cakes
  • How do I learn to skydive?

Demonstration Speech Ideas on Crafts

  • How to create a tie-dye masterpiece on clothing
  • Making personalized hand-painted mugs
  • Crafting beautiful paper-quelled designs
  • The art of creating homemade decoration pieces
  • Hand-stitched embroidery for beginners
  • Craft your own custom-scented candles
  • How to create stunning art with paper mache
  • The process of making homemade pottery
  • Designing and building your own picture frames
  • Crafting unique and colorful friendship bracelets

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Sports

  • Step-by-step guide to winning football
  • How to not lose in cards
  • How to win baseball within 10 minutes
  • Ways to play tennis with exerts
  • How to play cricket?
  • How to be a better basketball player
  • The art of winning football
  • Tips for beating your opponents at cards
  • How to make cricket more exciting
  • Becoming a tennis expert in no time

5-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to install an SSD in your personal computer
  • X basic steps to edit a picture in Photoshop
  • How to apply makeup?
  • How to swing a golf club?
  • How to fly a kite?
  • How to write a persuasive speech?
  • How to improve my public speaking skills?
  • How do you identify your target audience for your YouTube channel?
  • How to create a Facebook page?
  • How to apply for high school admission?

10-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to install a computer game on macOS
  • Making a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Folding an origami paper crane
  • Creating a simple, stylish ponytail
  • Demonstrating a basic yoga or meditation routine
  • Setting up a basic email account.
  • Creating a decorative flower vase from recycled materials.
  • How to change a flat bicycle tire
  • Basic first aid for common injuries (e.g., minor cuts and burns)
  • Setting up a basic home composting system

Public Speaking Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to effectively manage your time
  • Techniques for reducing stress and promoting relaxation
  • How to maintain positive body language while delivering a public speech
  • Methods for enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A practical guide to practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • Explaining persuasive communication and influencing others effectively
  • How to engage your audience with humor in public speaking
  • Tips for succeeding in job interviews with proper etiquette
  • Educating the audience on online security and privacy practices
  • Offering advice on how to network professionally and build valuable connections

Simple and Easy Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to become a film director
  • How to make a French braid
  • How to make pasta quickly
  • Useful tips to keep in mind while cooking
  • How to arrange flowers in your garden like a pro 
  • How to cheat in an exam
  • How to change a baby’s diaper
  • How to breakdance
  • How to burn clothes
  • How to make breakfast if you’re alone 

Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to ditch your girlfriend
  • How to deliver a funny speech
  • How to annoy your siblings in 10 easy steps
  • How to avoid eye contact when the invigilator suspects you of cheating in your exam
  • How to make a joke in a serious situation
  • How to tell someone to get lost in a funny way
  • How to lie and not get caught
  • How to have fun in the examination hall
  • How to convince your professor that you’ll complete your assignment at home?
  • How to prepare for a test you forgot all about

Unique Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to investigate an airplane’s black box
  • How to deal with public speaking anxiety
  • How to become a magician
  • How to hypnotize people
  • How to become a pro at using chopsticks
  • How to win hearts in online dating apps
  • How does depression ruin our relationships
  • How to settle in an office as a new employee
  • How to run a profitable business in Canada?
  • Ten steps to a successful baking business.

Creative Demonstration Speech Topics

  • DIY Watercolor Painting
  • The Art of Hand Lettering
  • Upcycling Old Furniture
  • Creating a Terrarium
  • Magic Tricks for Beginners
  • DIY Natural Skincare Products
  • Making Handmade Candles
  • Home Brewing Your Own Craft Beer
  • DIY Flower Arranging
  • The Art of Storytelling

Cool Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to write an award-winning speech
  • How to ace a test
  • How to work from home
  • How to make people laugh in multiplayer gaming voice chats
  • How to whistle
  • How to edit a WordPress theme and make it your own
  • How to decorate a wedding cake
  • How to beatbox
  • How to fight depression
  • Learning how to do a wheelie on your motorbike 

Cooking Demonstrative Speech Ideas

  • How to make the perfect omelet
  • The art of baking homemade bread
  • Preparing classic Italian pasta dish
  • How to brew the perfect cup of coffee
  • Crafting homemade sushi rolls
  • Creating a delicious and healthy smoothie
  • Making homemade pizza from scratch
  • The art of cake decorating
  • Preparing a vegetarian or vegan dish
  • Demonstrating the process of canning and preserving

Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to become a millionaire by investing $1000
  • How to do a 360 backflip 
  • How to hit the perfect knuckleball in Soccer
  • Demonstrate ways to improve reaction time in video games
  • How to hit the perfect cover drive in Cricket
  • How to chug a soda can in seconds
  • How to make a calculator in C++
  • How to make a paper airplane that flies far
  • When to invest and when not to in cryptocurrency 
  • How to install an LED headlight in your motorcycle

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Life

  • How to be an obedient child
  • Why should we avoid lying to our parents?
  • How to save money
  • What is the real meaning of life?
  • What is the basic purpose of life?
  • X ways to be happier
  • X tips to beat insomnia
  • How to be successful in life
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Organizing a wardrobe in 10 minutes

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Education

  • Effective Note-Taking Techniques
  • Time Management for Students
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • The Scientific Method
  • Mind Mapping for Learning
  • Essay Writing Basics
  • Online Safety and Cybersecurity
  • Using Educational Apps
  • Study Schedule Planning

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to the Science

  • Show how to create a homemade volcano and explain the eruption process
  • Explain what causes the seasons due to the Earth's axial tilt
  • Demonstrate how to extract DNA from a strawberry, revealing genetic principles
  • Illustrate the water cycle and what it means for our environment
  • Teach how to build a primary electric circuit to understand electronics
  • Explore what photosynthesis is and how plants convert sunlight into energy
  • Demonstrate how to test for acids and bases using household items
  • Explain what causes tides through the gravitational pull of the moon and sun
  • Show how to create a rainbow with just a glass of water, exploring refraction
  • Clarify what the scientific method is and its role in scientific inquiry

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Health

  • How to do yoga
  • Benefits of squats
  • How to keep yourself healthy while eating less
  • What food should a diabetes patient avoid?
  • How to maintain your blood pressure
  • How to get health insurance
  • The fundamentals of weight loss training
  • Why are compound exercises better than simple exercises?
  • What are the benefits of Pilates and yoga?
  • How is obesity related to other health problems?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related To Technology

  • How to build a website
  • How to create an email account
  • Usage of multimedia projector
  • How to use an iPhone – a beginners guide
  • How to make your Windows PC faster
  • Demonstrate how technological advancement has made our lives comfortable
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to use Microsoft Word
  • How to add widgets to WordPress
  • What is the best way to take pictures from your phone?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Agriculture

  • The accurate way to sow the plant seeds
  • How to protect crops from locusts
  • Why should we water the plant only in the evening?
  • How to grow a mango tree
  • How to make a greenhouse.
  • How to keep plants alive while on vacation.
  • Common flower garden mistakes that we should avoid
  • X ways to keep your garden healthy
  • Home remedies for plant food
  • X tips to keep your indoor plant alive while being away

Short Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • X basic table manners
  • How to make a tasty French toast
  • How to lose weight safely and never gain weight ever again
  • How to prepare for a job interview
  • How to learn salsa in a week
  • How to make a video for YouTube
  • How to upload a picture on Facebook
  • How to make DIY jewelry
  • How to make sushi
  • How to become a musician

After selecting your demonstration speech topic, you could use some essential tips to write a welcoming demonstrative speech. 

Some Tips to Write an Impactful Demonstration Speech

Here are some fruitful tips, so you can write the perfect demonstration speech:

  • Choose a Clear and Concise Topic: Select a specific and manageable topic for your demonstration.
  • Know Your Audience: Always try to understand your audience's knowledge and interests.
  • Create a Logical Structure: Organize your speech with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Use Clear and Concise Language: Avoid complex language and always be straightforward.
  • Include Visual Aids: Use visuals and infographics to enhance the audience’s understanding. You can use PowerPoint for this purpose. 
  • Practice and Timing: Rehearse your speech and ensure it fits within the allotted time.
  • Engage Your Audience: Involve your audience, ask questions, and encourage participation.
  • Be Thorough and Detailed: Explain each step or process clearly.
  • Use Transitions: Use transition words and phrases to guide your audience through the speech.
  • End with a Summary: Conclude with a recap of key points and a call to action if applicable.

To wrap it up, a demonstrative speech must be delivered with enthusiasm to hook the audience. Deciding on the right topic can be challenging, that’s why we listed a detailed list of comprehensive topic ideas. 

Still, if you’ve selected your topic and don’t know where to start, you can let us do the hard work for you! 

With writing experts having years of experience, you can get a compelling speech from our speech writing service at affordable pricing.

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