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How to Create a Narrative Essay Outline?

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Published on: Jun 27, 2018

Last updated on: May 26, 2023

Narrative Essay Outline

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What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a short story with a central theme that revolves around it. It's typically told from the perspective of the author, and specific sensory details are included to pique the reader's interest in the story.

It's similar to an expository essay in that it informs the reader about a specific event. It provides writers with a chance to reflect and write about themselves, much like a descriptive essay does.

Elements of a Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are composed in the form of a narrative and rely on personal experiences. This format is used in storytelling, as was stated previously.

The following are the five components of a narrative essay:

  • Plot: The main event of the story.
  • Character: People involved in your play.
  • Setting: Timeline of the events.
  • Conflict: The challenges the characters face.
  • Theme: The moral of the story

These five elements, when put together, create a powerful narrative essay.

Narrative Essay Outline

The narrative essay is a type of essay in which the writer narrates a story. The story could be real, or it could be fictional. The narrative story usually deals with the writer’s personal development. Unlike other types of essays, it can be written in the first person.

Writing a narrative essay is much simpler than any other essay. And, if you develop an outline before the actual write up, the writing process becomes easier. An outline is the blueprint of an essay that provides a glimpse of what you are going to write.

It is always a good idea to develop an essay outline before writing an essay. Here are some benefits of developing an outline:

  • It helps you organize your thoughts and logically connect the information.
  • It gives a proper structure to the essay.
  • It helps you include all the relevant information.
  • Rearrangement of information is easier than editing the whole essay.
  • It helps you maintain the logical flow of the essay.

How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline?

Writing a narrative essay is much easier than any other type of essay. It doesn’t follow a set of essay writing rules, and it gives you freedom of expression. You can write your own stories in your own style. All you have to do is to follow a typical structure which is consist of 3 essential parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Narrative Essay Introduction

An introduction is the most crucial section of an essay. Either it makes or breaks the image of your essay. It should be compelling enough that it makes the reader want to read the complete essay.

Therefore you need to make sure that your introduction paragraph catches the readers’ attention immediately. Here are the essential things that the introduction paragraph should have.

  1. The hook statement
  2. Scene Setting
  3. The thesis statement

These three things are the essential elements of an introduction paragraph. Let’s see how you can write them in detail.

  1. The Hook Statement:

    Start the introduction paragraph with a strong hook that engages the reader in the essay. The hook could be a quote, a rhetorical question, or an intriguing statement that makes the reader want to read further.

  2. Set the Scene:

    This is your story and the reader doesn't know anything about it. Whether you are writing a real story or a fictional one, it is important to provide brief background information. Set the scene of the story with the help of brief background information and make the reader understand what is happening.

  3. Narrative Essay Thesis Statement

    It is the most essential element of the introduction paragraph. It provides a complete picture of the essay. It is usually written at the end of the introduction paragraph to empower the effect of the essay. It is the main theme around which the whole story of the essay revolves.

Narrative Essay Body

The body is the section where you present your story’s details, share facts and guide readers through the plot.

Here are the essential elements that should be included in each body paragraph:

  • Vivid description
  • Dialogues
  • Characters involved
  • Chronological order
  • Climax

Include all of these above elements in the body paragraph to make it impressive and interesting. Below you can find the details of these elements:

  • Vivid Description

    A narrative essay is all about setting up a scene. Hence, make sure you provide a vivid description of the event that paints a picture in the readers' minds. The vivid description will help you take the reader to the actual happening of the event.

  • Dialogues

    Usage of dialogues helps you present your story in an effective way. Dialogues give life to the story and support the story's atmosphere.

  • Characters Involved

    The characters are the people acting or behaving in the story. Incorporate all the characters that are involved in your story. Provide their detailed description and what role they have played in your story.

  • Chronological Order

    As you are telling a story, it should be in the same order as the actual happening of the event. Start telling your story from the beginning and work through the end. Write your story in a proper sequence to keep your essay organized.

  • Climax

    The climax is the breaking point of the story, and it requires a detailed description. Include all the real emotion that engages the readers’ five senses, i.e. smell, sight, touch, hear, and taste. Don’t exaggerate and stray from the truth and provide the actual and accurate climax.

Narrative Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of the essay, and it provides the final outcome of the story. It bears the same importance as the introduction paragraph.

The conclusion paragraph should contain the following elements:

  • The moral of the story
  • The lesson that you have learned from the story (if any)
  • A call to action (if required)

This step by step writing guide will help you in writing a fabulous narrative essay. And, if you read some narrative essay examples, you’ll better understand what makes a good narrative essay.

For your convenience, here is a template of how to write a narrative essay outline. Take help from it and write your own amazing narrative essay story.

Narrative Essay Outline Samples

Below are some good examples of a narrative essay outline:

Personal Narrative Essay Outline

personal narrative essay is a type of narrative essay in which the writer tells his real story. It is always written in the first person as the writer is telling his own story. Students usually write it for their college admission essays.

Check out the sample of the personal narrative essay outline. It will give you a better understanding of how to craft an outline for a personal narrative essay.

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Caleb S.


Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

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