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200+ Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Out

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Persuasive Essay Topics

Finding a persuasive essay topic, whether controversial or every day, can be a real challenge.

A persuasive essay topic should clearly showcase your stance on the matter. But don't worry! You’re not alone in this. 

That’s why we’ve created an extensive list of diverse persuasive essay topics. Covering different grade levels and academic themes, you’re sure to find a good persuasive essay topic.

So, read on to pick your topic!

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  • 1. Persuasive Essay Topics for Students
  • 2. Persuasive Essay Topics about Education
  • 3. Fun Persuasive Essay Topics
  • 4. Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics
  • 5. Persuasive Essay Topics about Music
  • 6. Persuasive Essay Topics about Sports
  • 7. How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic

Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

A persuasive essay is a form of academic writing where the author presents arguments and evidence to convince the reader of a specific point of view.

It's a common assignment for students, as it helps develop critical thinking and communication skills.

Here is a list of topics for different grade levels to help students practice persuasive writing.

  • Homework's Impact on Student Achievement: Finding the Right Balance
  • School Uniforms: Promoting Equality and Focus in Class.
  • Should Students Have a Say in Curriculum Design?
  • Is the Letter Grading System an Effective Assessment Method or a Hindrance to Learning?
  • Cell Phones in Schools: A Distraction or a Learning Tool?
  • Is Online Education More Effective than Traditional Learning?
  • Teenage Employment: Balancing Work and School Responsibilities.
  • The Role of Arts Education in Students' Creative Development.
  • Healthy School Lunches: Nourishing Bodies and Minds.
  • Students' Role in Environmental Conservation: Reducing Waste in Schools.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary School

  • Should Students Have Homework in Elementary School?
  • Why Every Elementary School Should Have a School Garden.
  • Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory for Elementary Students?
  • The Benefits of Recess: Why Every Elementary School Needs More Playtime.
  • Should Elementary Students Be Allowed to Choose Their Own Books for Reading?
  • Why Kids Should Learn to Cook in Elementary School.
  • Banning Sugary Snacks and Drinks in Elementary Schools: Healthier Habits for Kids.
  • The Importance of Recycling: Teaching Environmental Responsibility in Elementary School.
  • Should Elementary Schools Offer Music and Art Classes Every Day?
  • Promoting Kindness and Inclusivity: Why Bullying Prevention Programs Matter in Elementary School.

Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

  • Should students be allowed to have cell phones in school?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory for all students?
  • Is homework beneficial or should it be abolished?
  • Should students have a say in the school cafeteria menu?
  • Are video games harmful to students' academic performance?
  • Should junk food be banned in school vending machines?
  • Should students be taught cursive writing in school?
  • Is it important for middle school students to learn a second language?
  • Should bullying awareness programs be implemented in schools?
  • Should students be allowed to choose their own books for English class?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • The Benefits of Reading for Pleasure in Elementary School.
  • School Uniforms in Elementary School: Promoting Unity and Focus.
  • Should Elementary School Students Have a Say in Classroom Rules?
  • Healthy Eating Habits for Kids: Educating Elementary Schoolers.
  • The Role of Outdoor Education in Elementary Schools.
  • Bullying Prevention in Elementary School: Building Safe Communities.
  • The Importance of Friendship and Inclusivity in Elementary School.
  • Elementary School Homework: Striking a Balance.
  • Art and Creativity in Elementary Education: Sparking Imagination.
  • Learning through Play: The Power of Recess in Elementary School.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • The Benefits of Learning a Second Language in Middle School.
  • Should Middle School Students Have a Say in School Policies?
  • The Impact of Bullying on Middle Schoolers: Strategies for Prevention.
  • Should the Length of the School Day be Adjusted to Better Serve Students?
  • Environmental Education in Middle School: Fostering Future Stewards.
  • The Importance of Inclusivity and Kindness in Middle School.
  • Middle School Homework: Finding a Healthy Balance.
  • Should Junk Food Be Banned in Middle School Cafeterias?
  • Music and Arts Education in Middle School: Nurturing Creativity.
  • The Role of Sports and Physical Education in Middle Schools.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • High School Course Selection: Empowering Eighth Graders.
  • Should Eighth Graders Be Allowed to Choose Their Extracurricular Activities?
  • Cyberbullying Awareness and Prevention: A Focus for Eighth Graders.
  • The Role of Technology in Eighth-Grade Education.
  • Environmental Responsibility in Eighth Grade: Initiatives for Change.
  • Middle School Transition Programs: Preparing Eighth Graders for High School.
  • The Importance of Character Education in Eighth Grade.
  • Exploring Career Options in Eighth Grade: Shaping Future Goals.
  • Eighth-Grade Homework: Balancing Academics and Adolescence.
  • Promoting Digital Literacy Skills for Eighth Graders.

Persuasive Essay Topics High School

  • Extending High School: The Benefits of a Five-Year Program.
  • School Vouchers: Empowering Parents or Undermining Public Education?
  • The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking in High School.
  • High School Sports: Balancing Athletics and Academics.
  • Later School Start Times: Improving Teenagers' Health and Performance.
  • Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs? Exploring the Pros and Cons.
  • Cell Phone Use in Classrooms: A Necessary Tool or a Distraction?
  • The Role of High School in Preparing Students for the Workforce.
  • High School Curriculum: Expanding Offerings for a Well-Rounded Education.
  • High School Graduation Requirements: Flexibility vs. Uniformity.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

  • College Tuition: Exploring Options for More Affordable Education.
  • Greek Life on College Campuses: Promoting Community or Harming Inclusivity?
  • Free Speech on College Campuses: Balancing Expression and Respect.
  • College Athletes' Compensation: Fairness in Collegiate Sports.
  • College Mental Health Services: Improving Access and Quality.
  • Online Learning vs. Traditional College: The Future of Higher Education.
  • Student Loan Debt: Strategies for Easing the Burden.
  • College Admissions: Should SAT and ACT Tests Be Optional?
  • Campus Sustainability Initiatives: Taking Action for a Greener Future.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in College Research: Balancing Progress and Responsibility.

Persuasive Essay Topics Higher English

  • The Value of Studying Classic Literature in Higher English Courses.
  • Diverse Literature in Higher English: Expanding Perspectives.
  • Shakespeare in the Modern Higher English Curriculum: Timeless or Outdated?
  • The Role of Poetry in Higher English Education.
  • Analyzing Contemporary Novels in Higher English: Relevance and Significance.
  • Literature vs. Film Adaptations: Which Is More Effective for Learning?
  • The Impact of Digital Media on Higher English Learning.
  • The Future of Higher English: Embracing New Forms of Literature.
  • Critical Thinking in Higher English: Preparing Students for Advanced Study.
  • Writing Essays in Higher English: Developing Effective Communication Skills.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Adults

  • The Importance of Financial Literacy for Adults: Closing the Knowledge Gap.
  • Voting Rights: Ensuring Accessible and Fair Elections for All Adults.
  • Parental Leave Policies: Supporting Working Adults and Families.
  • Adult Learning: The Benefits of Continuing Education Throughout Life.
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Advantages for Businesses and Adults.
  • Retirement Age: Should it Be Adjusted to Reflect Longer Life Expectancies?
  • Adult Obesity: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Reducing Health Costs.
  • Mental Health in Adulthood: Breaking Stigmas and Promoting Wellness.
  • Affordable Housing for Adults: Addressing the Housing Crisis.
  • The Role of Adults in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability.

Persuasive Essay Topics about Education

When you're picking a persuasive essay topic, education is a goldmine of interesting ideas. It's not just about schools and books; there's a lot going on that's worth talking about. 

Here, we've gathered essay topics from different fields such as technology, arts, science, medicine, and more:

  • Standardized Testing is Crucial for Fair Assessment in Education.
  • School Dress Codes: Balancing Expression and Academic Focus.
  • Online Education vs. Traditional Classrooms: Shaping the Future.
  • Should Foreign Language Classes be Mandatory to Enrich Education?
  • Is Year-Round School an Innovative Approach or a Disruptive Tradition?
  • Homework's Impact on Students: Academics vs. Well-Being.
  • Mandatory Sex Education: Equipping Students for Real-Life Challenges.
  • Bridging the Education Funding Gap: A Moral Imperative.
  • Inclusive Education: Why Mainstreaming Benefits Everyone.
  • Technology in Education: Revolutionizing the Learning Experience.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Ethics

  • Animal Testing: Weighing Scientific Progress Against Ethical Concerns.
  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports: Fair Competition vs. Health Risks.
  • Gene Editing and Genetic Engineering: Navigating Ethical Boundaries.
  • Euthanasia: Upholding the Right to Die with Dignity.
  • Capital Punishment: Examining the Moral Justification.
  • Environmental Ethics: The Moral Duty to Protect Our Planet.
  • Ethical AI and Machine Learning: Ensuring Responsible Technology.
  • Privacy vs. Security: Ethical Dilemmas in the Age of Surveillance.
  • Cultural Relativism vs. Universal Moral Principles: Finding Common Ground.
  • Medical Research Ethics: Balancing Progress with Human Rights.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Arts & Culture

  • Art Education: Cultivating Creativity and Critical Thinking.
  • Public Funding for the Arts: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage.
  • Museums: Guardians of Culture and History.
  • Cultural Appropriation: Navigating the Intersection of Expression and Respect.
  • Diversity and Representation: Essential for an Inclusive Arts Scene.
  • Technology's Influence on Contemporary Art: Embracing the Digital Era.
  • Censorship in the Arts: Balancing Freedom and Responsibility.
  • Classical Literature in Modern Education: Its Enduring Relevance.
  • Pop Culture's Impact: Shaping Society's Values and Norms.
  • Art as Activism: Fostering Social Change Through Creative Expression.

Health-Related Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Embracing a Plant-Based Diet for Better Health.
  • Mandatory Vaccinations: Safeguarding Public Health.
  • Should COVID-19 Vaccination Be Mandatory for Public Health?
  • Mental Health Awareness: Breaking the Silence and Stigma.
  • Organ Transplantation Ethics: Navigating Life and Death Decisions.
  • Addressing Healthcare Disparities: The Role of Social Determinants.
  • The Debate on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana: Health and Economic Perspectives.
  • Telemedicine: Expanding Access to Quality Healthcare.
  • Comprehensive Sex Education: Empowering Adolescents for Safer Choices.
  • The College Mental Health Crisis: Demanding Support and Resources.

Social Media Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Social Media's Impact on Mental Health: Unmasking the Dark Side.
  • Accountability of Social Media Platforms for Harmful Content.
  • Polarization and Misinformation: The Role of Social Media in Divisive Politics.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Safeguarding Your Information on Social Media.
  • Social Media and Activism: The Empowering Force of Online Movements.
  • Influencer Marketing: Authentic Recommendations or Deceptive Advertising?
  • Age Restrictions on Social Media: Balancing Protection and Freedom.
  • Combating Cyberbullying Through Strengthened Social Media Policies.
  • Social Media Addiction: Reclaiming Productivity and Well-Being.
  • Social Media's Influence on Communication: Enhancing or Eroding Relationships?

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Importance of Teaching Climate Change Science in Schools.
  • The Role of Science in Solving Environmental Issues.
  • The Ethics of Animal Testing in Scientific Research.
  • Promoting STEM Education for Future Innovation.
  • Vaccination: Public Health vs. Individual Freedom.
  • The Benefits and Risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
  • Space Exploration: Expanding Human Horizons or Wasting Resources?
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Scientific Discovery.
  • Ethical Considerations in Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering.
  • Science vs. Pseudoscience: Promoting Critical Thinking.

Persuasive Essay Topics about the Environment

  • The Importance of Reducing Plastic Waste in Our Oceans.
  • Should Single-Use Plastics Be Banned to Protect the Environment?
  • The Role of Individuals in Combating Climate Change.
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Practices for a Greener Future.
  • The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources: A Cleaner Environment and Economy.
  • The Impact of Deforestation on Biodiversity and Climate.
  • Global Warming: A Real Crisis or an Overblown Concern?
  • Reducing Food Waste: A Crucial Step Towards Environmental Sustainability.
  • Is the United States a Global Leader or Denier in Climate Policy?
  • Climate Education in Schools: Preparing the Next Generation of Environmental Stewards.

Technology Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Online Privacy: Balancing Convenience and Security.
  • The Role of Technology in Bridging the Digital Divide.
  • Internet Censorship: Protecting Society or Infringing on Freedom?
  • E-Waste and Electronic Recycling: Environmental Responsibility.
  • Social Media and Mental Health: Navigating the Digital Age.
  • The Ethical Implications of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting Against Digital Threats.
  • The Impact of Technology on Employment and Job Displacement.
  • Promoting Coding and Computer Science Education in Schools.
  • Smart Devices and Privacy Concerns: Is Convenience Worth the Risk?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

Here are some funny persuasive essay topics:

  • Video Games as a Form of Art: Exploring the Fun and Creativity.
  • The Benefits of Laughter: Why Humor Is Essential in Daily Life.
  • The Joy of Travel: Why Everyone Should Explore the World.
  • The Popularity of Food Trucks: Tasty and Convenient Dining.
  • Board Games vs. Video Games: Which Is More Entertaining?
  • The Appeal of Reality TV Shows: Entertainment or Exploitation?
  • Pets in the Workplace: Reducing Stress and Boosting Productivity.
  • The Art of Pranking: Harmless Fun or Crossing the Line?
  • The Benefits of Adult Coloring Books: A Relaxing and Creative Hobby.
  • The Pleasure of Reading Fiction: Escaping to Different Worlds.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Higher Taxes on the Wealthy: A Fair Solution?
  • Are Abortion Restrictions Protecting Fetal Life or Limiting Women's Choices?
  • Do Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs Truly Deter Smoking?
  • Do Drug Tests Ensure Safety or Violate Privacy Rights?
  • Sex Education In Schools: Does it Foster Safer and Informed Choices
  • Censorship of Art and Media: Protecting or Suppressing Expression?
  • Mandatory Vaccinations: Public Health vs. Personal Choice.
  • Stricter Background Checks: Enhancing Gun Control or Infringing on Rights?
  • Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?
  • Universal Basic Income: Easing Poverty or Discouraging Work?

Persuasive Essay Topics about Music

  • The Impact of Music Education on Academic Performance.
  • Should Music with Explicit Lyrics Be Censored or Restricted?
  • Exploring the Influence of Music on Mood and Emotions.
  • The Role of Music in Shaping Cultural Identity.
  • Digital Music Piracy: Is It Harmful to the Music Industry?
  • Music Therapy: Its Efficacy in Treating Mental Health Issues.
  • The Evolution of Music Technology: Positive or Negative Effects on Artists?
  • Promoting Local Music Scenes: Supporting Emerging Artists in Your Community.
  • Music and Its Connection to Historical and Social Movements.
  • Should Schools Offer Music Education as Part of the Core Curriculum?

Persuasive Essay Topics about Sports

  • Mandatory Physical Education: Necessity or Infringement on Student Freedom?
  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports: Fair Competition vs. Health Risks.
  • Should College Athletes Be Compensated for Their Efforts?
  • Youth Sports: Balancing Competition and Fun for Young Athletes.
  • Are Professional Sports Salaries Fair Compensation or Excessive Profits?
  • The Impact of Sports Sponsorships on Athletes and Society.
  • Sports Concussions: The Need for Improved Safety Measures.
  • Should Professional Athletes Be Role Models for Youth?
  • The Ethics of Sports Hunting: Conservation vs. Recreation.
  • Promoting Sports for Individuals with Disabilities: Inclusivity in Athletics.

Expert Tip

Decided on a topic? Check out these persuasive essay examples to start writing your essay on any topic!

How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic

Choosing the right persuasive essay topic is crucial to the success of your essay. Here are some tips to help you select an effective topic:

  • Identify Your Interests: Start by considering your own interests and passions. When you write about something you care about, it's easier to persuade others.
  • Know Your Audience: Think about your target audience's interests, beliefs, and concerns. Your topic should resonate with them and address issues they find relevant.
  • Research: Whatever type of essay you write, make sure to spend some time researching current events, trends, and issues in the field you're interested in. Look for topics with depth and substance.
  • Controversy and Debate: Seek topics that have room for debate. Controversial issues often make for strong persuasive essays because they elicit strong opinions.
  • Clarity of Stance: Ensure your topic allows you to take a clear stance or position. A persuasive essay should advocate for a specific viewpoint.
  • Scope and Depth: Make sure it's neither too broad, where you can't cover it adequately, nor too narrow, where you can't find enough information. So narrow down your focus on a single aspect while developing ideas for your essay
  • Test with Counterarguments: Consider whether the topic allows you to explore counterarguments effectively. A good persuasive essay acknowledges opposing views.

You now have a diverse range of essay topics to choose from and can get started on writing a persuasive essay. 

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