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16 Best Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

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persuasive speech examples

Persuasive speech is a type of speech where the speaker tries to convince the audience of his point of view. 

For most of the people, persuasive speech writing can seem difficult. However, with the help of examples and some good tips, you can write an effective persuasive speech.

In this blog, you can find some amazing examples that you can use to follow and take inspiration. You can easily download and read these examples whenever you need help with writing your persuasive speech. 

So, let’s read on!

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  • 1. Persuasive Speech Examples Outline
  • 2. Persuasive Speech Samples for Different Academic Levels
  • 3. Persuasive Speech Examples Situation
  • 4. Tips to Start a Persuasive Speech 
  • 5. Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas 

Persuasive Speech Examples Outline

So, you might be wondering; 
How do I structure my persuasive speech that resonates with people who may not initially share my perspective? 

The standard persuasive speech outline consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Here we have examples of outlines that you can check out for ideas and inspiration.

Outline 1: Persuasive Speech on Organ Donation


  • Hook: Start with a shocking statistic or touching anecdote.
  • Background: Define organ donation and its significance.
  • Thesis statement: Advocate for organ donation and its life-saving impact.


Ethos (Credibility)

  • Share compelling statistics and quotes.
  • Highlight personal stories to establish credibility.

Logos (Logic)

  • Present logical arguments for organ donation.
  • Discuss the process and regulations.

Pathos (Emotion)

  • Share transformative stories of recipients.
  • Highlight the emotional toll of missed opportunities.


  • Recap key points briefly.
  • Give a call to action.
  • End with a poignant statement on the importance of organ donation.

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Outline 2: Persuasive Speech on Recycling


  • Hook: Begin with a startling fact or alarming statistic about waste.
  • Background: Define recycling and its importance.
  • Thesis: Advocate for recycling and its environmental benefits.

Body (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)

Ethos (Credibility)

  • Share credible statistics and quotes on recycling.
  • Highlight successful recycling initiatives.

Pathos (Emotion)

  • Share stories of communities impacted by waste.
  • Highlight the emotional toll of environmental degradation.

Logos (Logic)

  • Present logical arguments for recycling.
  • Discuss environmental benefits and resource conservation.


  • Recap key points briefly.
  • Call to action: Commit to recycling and reducing waste.
  • End with a motivating statement on the impact of individual actions on the environment.

Persuasive Speech Samples for Different Academic Levels

Speech writing and speech competitions are a common activity in schools. It helps students learn and enhance their public speaking skills and critical thinking. 

In this section, we'll look at some example speeches suitable for students in school and college.

Persuasive Speech Examples for High School Students

Speech writing and speech competition are common activities in schools. It helps students learn and enhance their public speaking skills and critical thinking. 

Here are some persuasive speech examples for high school-level students.

Persuasive Speech Examples for College Students

If you are a college student looking for an example to help with your persuasive speech, look no further. Check out these examples below. 

Short Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

In most cases, the speaker has limited time to deliver their speech. The following short persuasive examples show speeches that are written with specific time limits in mind. These will help you understand how long your speech should be for an allotted time. 

Motivational Persuasive Speech Examples

A motivational speech is a type of persuasive speech where the speaker intended to motivate the audience.

Below are motivational persuasive speech examples pdf available for free download:

Finally, here’s a persuasive speech example from real life. You can watch this persuasive TED talk that aims to convince the audience to quit social media:

Persuasive Speech Examples Situation

Here are two examples of persuasive speech situations, each designed to persuade an audience on different topics:

Example 1: Persuading Students to Adopt a Plant-Based Diet

Situation: A student is speaking to their university peers during a campus event focused on health and sustainability.


Good afternoon, esteemed peers,

Today, I implore you to consider the transformative power of embracing a vibrant, nourishing plant-based diet. It's not just about forsaking meat and dairy; it's about embracing a lifestyle teeming with vitality and compassion.

Firstly, let's delve into the realm of health. Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that plant-based diets nurture our bodies with essential nutrients, warding off ailments and invigorating our vitality.

Moreover, ponder upon the ecological impact. By shifting towards plant-based fare, we become stewards of a greener, more verdant Earth, sowing seeds of sustainability for future generations.

Lastly, let us not forget the ethical imperative. With each plant-based meal, we sow seeds of empathy, refusing to turn a blind eye to the suffering of sentient beings.

In conclusion, let us embark on this journey of wellness and conscientious living together, forging a path towards a brighter, more benevolent future.

Thank you for your mindful consideration.

Example 2: Persuading Local Government to Build More Bike Lanes

Situation: A community activist is speaking at a city council meeting, advocating for the construction of more bike lanes in the city.


Esteemed council members,

I stand before you today, a passionate advocate for the creation of expansive, interconnected bike lanes within our city. This endeavor transcends mere infrastructure; it embodies a vision of safety, health, and communal connectivity.

Firstly, envision a city where cyclists and motorists harmoniously coexist, navigating thoroughfares brimming with dedicated bike lanes—a sanctuary of safety and serenity.

Furthermore, contemplate the profound impact on public health. With every pedal stroke, we propel ourselves towards a healthier, more invigorated populace, fostering a culture of well-being and vitality.

Additionally, let us acknowledge the environmental imperative. By promoting cycling as a viable mode of transportation, we take strides towards a greener, more sustainable future, safeguarding our planet for generations to come.

In conclusion, I beseech you to seize this opportunity to cultivate a city that embraces the ethos of progress, unity, and well-being—a city where every street beckons with the promise of adventure and community.

Thank you for your enlightened consideration.

Tips to Start a Persuasive Speech 

Here are some expert tips to kick-start your speech:

  • Start With a Famous Quote

Opening with a famous and relevant quote helps you make a good impression on the audience’s mind. It helps you set the tone for the rest of your speech.

For example: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” – Patrick Henry

  • Ask a Rhetorical Question

Asking a rhetorical question at the beginning of your speech arouses the audience's curiosity. It is an effective way of engaging and understanding your audience.

For example: “Do you want to be a failure for the rest of your life?”

  • Make a Shocking Statement

You can start with a shocking statement by keeping the audience guessing what you are about to say next. A shocking or interesting statement gets people immediately involved and listening to your every word. 

For example: "Imagine a world where the air we breathe is more expensive than the food we eat."

  • Create a ‘what If’ Scenario

Asking a ‘what if’ question makes the audience follow your thought process. They immediately start thinking about what could be the answer to your ‘what if’ scenario.

For example: “What if we don’t wake up tomorrow? How different are we today?”

  • Use a Surprising Statistic

A surprising statistic that resonates with your audience helps you get your message across right away. Real shocking statistics have the potential to trigger the audience’s emotional appeal.

For example: "Did you know that 7.5 million plastic bottles are discarded every hour in the United States?"

By following any of these tips, you can easily grab the audience’s attention every time. 

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Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas 

Now that you’ve checked out some examples, you are ready to start writing your own persuasive speech. But what should you write about? Here are some interesting persuasive speech topics for you. 

  • The shift to sustainable transportation is long overdue.
  • Adopting a plant-based diet is the best way to ensure personal and environmental well-being.
  • Promoting financial literacy education is the key to economic empowerment.
  • Raising the minimum wage is a necessity for livable incomes.
  • Opt-out organ donation can save more lives.
  • Food deserts must be confronted to ensure equal access to healthy nutrition.
  • Individual responsibility plays a crucial role in fighting climate change.
  • Social media's negative impact on mental health is widespread.
  • Stricter gun control measures are vital for balancing Second Amendment rights with public safety.
  • Shifting to sustainable energy sources is an urgent matter.

Need more ideas? Check out 250+ persuasive speech topics to find the best topic for your speech.

To Conclude,

With the help of these examples, you can deliver a captivating address to persuade the audience listening to your speech. 

However, remember that only having a great topic and structured outline is not enough. You should establish an emotional connection, maintain proper body language, and support your arguments with facts to make a successful speech.

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