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Scholarship Essay Format - Samples & Writing Tips

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scholarship essay format

Are you not sure what is the perfect scholarship essay format?

We know that applying for college takes a lot of effort. All applicants are required to complete a variety of documents, must pass exams, etc. 

However, what is even more difficult is to apply for a scholarship and win it with flying colors! If you are applying for a scholarship, you have to write a compelling scholarship essay, and having the format right is even more critical.   

Thoroughly read this blog to know how you can write a winning introduction, body, and conclusion. Also, we’ve included a list of some brilliant scholarship essay format samples. 

So, without wasting a second more, let’s help you get your scholarship essay formatting right!

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  • 1. What is a Scholarship Essay Format?
  • 2. How To Format A Winning Scholarship Essay?
  • 3. The Optimal Scholarship Essay Structure
  • 4. Scholarship Essay Format Examples
  • 5. Scholarship Essay Format Tips

What is a Scholarship Essay Format?

A scholarship essay format is a set of rules and guidelines that you need to follow to organize your accurately.

Formatting plays an important role in scholarship essays and other types of essays and academic papers. 

If you get the formatting right, it will show the committee members that you can understand and follow the required instructions.

A well-formatted scholarship essay can help you stand out. It will give the committee a sense of who you are, your career goals, and what makes you deserve financial aid.

Keep in mind that the scholarship essay is about yourself and not about someone else. So it’s essential to take a different approach to writing a scholarship essay, so you can present your views in an organized manner. 

Now, let's see how you should format your scholarship essay!

How To Format A Winning Scholarship Essay?

If you’re not sure what format should you follow for a scholarship essay, don’t worry, we have got your back!

Well, most scholarship applications have the same guidelines for the scholarship application essay format. However, if you are working on an application that does not specify the format for your essay, the following format is good to follow. 

Essential Scholarship Essay Format Guidelines

Here are the guidelines that you need to follow for formatting your scholarship essay.

  • Double-space your text or use 1.5-spacing.
  • Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana font is appropriate to use
  • If not specified, a font size between 10 and 12 points should be used
  • 1-inch margin on all sides of the paper
  • Insert a blank line in each body paragraph or indent every paragraph
  • Include your last name and page number on the left side of the paper
  • Titles are optional, but they might be provided to you by the committee

Don’t forget to follow the instructed word count by the scholarship committee. Scholarship committee members don’t read essays longer than ¾ of a page in length.

How Long Should a Scholarship Essay Be? 

The ideal word count for a winning scholarship essay varies depending on the specific scholarship program's guidelines and requirements. Having said that, the usual length revolves around 500 words or fewer. 

Following the word count limit is critical for a scholarship essay. Let’s say, you are asked to write a 300-word scholarship essay, then it’s appropriate to end your essay with 295 – 305 words. 

Here is how you can structure your scholarship essay. 

The Optimal Scholarship Essay Structure

There is no one way to structure a scholarship essay. But the most commonly used structure is the 5 paragraph format. However, the structure of the scholarship essay partially depends on the topic and your writing style.

Let’s see how to start a scholarship essay!

Always Start With a Captivating Introduction

To draw the reader’s attention, you should start with a well-written introduction. At first glance, the essay’s introduction should be able to hook the reader. 

The introduction should always be related to the scholarship essay prompt. Include a strong thesis statement, and introduce the key points that you will be discussing in the body section of your essay.

Try to wrap up your introduction in a single paragraph.

Here is an example of a well-crafted scholarship essay introduction: 

“In the words of Maya Angelou, 'My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive.' These words resonate within me as I embark on my college journey. Applying for the Gates Millennium Scholarship, I aim not only for financial assistance, but also to demonstrate my commitment to thriving through education. I believe in its transformative power and seek the opportunity to further my academic pursuits.”

Use Clear and Concise Body Paragraphs 

In the body of your essay, expand your main points, and back up your information with facts, statistics, quotes, and examples. Every single body paragraph should support your opinion. 

To improve the readability, you should write 3 body paragraphs and keep the word limit requirements in check.

Take a look at a well-written example of a scholarship essay body: 

“One of the key reasons why MIT stands out as my ideal educational destination is its exceptional commitment to fostering innovation and critical thinking. In my pursuit of a career in Artificial Intelligence, I am not merely seeking an education; I am in search of a transformative experience that will equip me with the skills and mindset needed to make a meaningful impact. MIT is renowned for its cutting-edge programs, renowned faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, all of which align perfectly with my aspirations.

Additionally, I have always been inspired by MIT’s unwavering dedication to community engagement and service. It is my belief that, as an aspiring AI Engineer, one must not only excel academically but also demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards the community and society. MIT not only shares this belief but actively encourages students to participate in various community initiatives and projects. By being part of this institution, I am confident I will be able to contribute my skills and passion to the betterment of the world of AI and automated systems.

Furthermore, MIT's diverse and inclusive campus culture is highly appealing to me. As someone who values different perspectives and experiences, I see the opportunity to engage with a broad range of individuals from various backgrounds as an essential aspect of my personal and intellectual growth. MIT fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages dialogue and collaboration, which I believe is pivotal to my holistic development as a student and future professional in Artificial Intelligence.”

End With An Impactful Conclusion 

The conclusion paragraph holds prime importance in a scholarship essay. This part of your essay decides whether the committee forwards your application or adds it to the pile of papers!

Restate the main points from the essay in your essay conclusion. Always make use of strong and impactful words in the conclusion. Don’t forget to emphasize how the scholarship will help you fulfill your educational goals. 

Here is a brilliant example of a scholarship essay conclusion: 

“In conclusion, I believe that the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship represents more than just financial assistance—it symbolizes my commitment to learning, growth, and making a positive impact. As I look ahead to the educational journey before me, I am excited and ready to embrace the opportunities that this scholarship offers. With your support, I am confident that I can contribute to a brighter future not only for myself but for my community and beyond.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to take the next steps towards my educational goals and to be a part of the [Scholarship Name]'s legacy of excellence.”

Here is a summary of an optimal scholarship essay format:

Length or Word-Count

Stick to the word limit and length given in the instructions.

Font Style         

Use easy-to-read fonts such as Times New Roman font.

Font Size

Standard font size ranging from 10-12.

Line Spacing

Double-space the complete document.


1-inch margins on all sides of the document are ideal.


On each page, use a header with your name and page no. 


Consider a title that indicates the content of your essay.


Begin with a captivating introduction and a strong hook statement. 


Pen down clear and concise paragraphs for a perfect essay body.


Finish with a conclusion that reinforces your thesis.


Keenly re-read the essay to omit any potential mistakes.

Scholarship Essay Format Examples

For a better understanding of the scholarship essay format, take a look at some examples. The following samples will clear any doubts you might have regarding the formatting. 

To get started with your scholarship essay format needs, here are some samples: 

Scholarship Essay Format Tips

When there is no specific guidance, it is common to struggle with certain formatting choices. Here are some expert tips for you to help you navigate the correct formatting of a scholarship essay.

  • Always read the instructions carefully before you start writing
  • Follow a clear and concise essay structure
  • No need to include the essay question at the top as committee members know what the prompt is
  • To start a new paragraph, either indent a new line or add an extra blank, but you shouldn’t do both.
  • Personalize your paper as much as you can
  • Always promote yourself but stick to the truth!
  • You can make your essay more compelling by adding a unique story about yourself
  • Keep a similar size for all paragraphs for coherency
  • Be consistent with citation style (such as APA, MLA Chicago, etc.)
  • Always double-check your scholarship essay for spelling or grammar mistakes
  • You can ask an instructor or a counselor to assess your work

Refer to the above formatting guide every time you write a scholarship essay. Always start writing your essay as early as possible to have enough time to review your essay.

Hopefully, you will write a perfect scholarship essay with the help of the above scholarship essay guidelines and tips.

To wrap it up, scholarships are a great opportunity for students to receive money for studies and forget their financial issues. However, thousands of students apply for these scholarships, and only a few students get aid.

But, you can hire a reputable scholarship essay writing service such as to maximize your chances!  

Our expert writers will make sure you submit a high-quality scholarship essay written and formatted according to the required guidelines.   

So, if you need help simply request “write essay for me” on our website and get high quality essays in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my scholarship essay be single-spaced or double-spaced?

FAQ Icon

Follow the scholarship provider's instructions. If none are given, use double-spacing for clarity. Adjust to single spacing if necessary to meet word/page limits.

How do you write a 500 word scholarship essay?

FAQ Icon

Here are four steps to write a 500-Word essay. 

  • Create a Thesis. 
  • Write the Introduction 
  • Write the Body Paragraphs 
  • Wrap It Up with a Conclusion 

Are page numbers mandatory for scholarship essays?

FAQ Icon

Follow the scholarship's guidelines, as requirements vary. Comply with their instructions to ensure your essay aligns with their criteria.

What citation style should I use in my scholarship essay if I need to reference sources?

FAQ Icon

When referencing sources in a scholarship essay, follow the citation style specified in the guidelines. If not specified, use APA, MLA, or Chicago style consistently. 

Can I reuse one scholarship essay for multiple applications?

FAQ Icon

You can reuse elements of your essay, but it's crucial to tailor each essay to the specific scholarship's requirements and criteria.

Is it acceptable to use a formal tone in a scholarship essay?

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Yes, a formal tone is typically preferred in scholarship essays to convey professionalism and seriousness.

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