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Argumentative Essay Examples: Samples & Tips

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argumentative essay examples

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page, overwhelmed by the thought of composing a powerful argumentative essay? You're not alone!

Many students encounter the same daunting challenge – how to present a persuasive argument that captivates their audience and drives their point home. Without a clear strategy, it's easy to get lost in a sea of words, leaving your message directionless and your audience unimpressed.

But fear not, for this blog is your roadmap to success!

We're here to provide a number of examples and tips to help you craft compelling arguments, empowering you to tackle your essays with confidence. 

By the end, you'll not only understand the key principles of argumentation but also know how to apply them effectively in writing essays.

So read on to find great examples and master the art of writing a good argumentative essay!

Argumentative essay structure example

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Free Argumentative Essay Examples For Students 

A good essay presents facts and data to support an argument, evaluates point of view, and proves its point. It's designed to convince the reader with facts and logic.


Argumentative Essay - Should College Education Be Free?

In recent years, the debate over whether college education should be provided for free has gained momentum. Proponents argue that it would remove financial barriers, increase access to higher education, and boost economic equality. 

However, opponents contend that it would place an unsustainable burden on taxpayers and devalue the quality of education. This essay asserts that free college education is essential for societal progress. It explores the economic and social benefits, discusses potential funding sources, and counters common objections.

The push for free college education is driven by the desire to level the playing field and foster equal opportunity. The high cost of tuition and the burden of student loans have left many potential students without access to higher education. 

By eliminating tuition fees, more individuals can pursue their dreams and ambitions, leading to a better-educated workforce. Furthermore, studies show that a well-educated population is crucial for economic growth and innovation. 

Funding for this initiative could be drawn from various sources, including reallocating existing educational funds, imposing a small tax on financial transactions, or redirecting funds from non-essential government programs.

While critics argue that free college might devalue the quality of education, appropriate controls and standards can ensure that educational institutions maintain their standards.

In conclusion, providing free college education is an investment in the future that promotes societal progress, strengthens the economy, and offers equal opportunities to all.


This essay effectively presents a strong argument for free college education, incorporating a clear thesis statement and logical structure. It provides supporting evidence by discussing economic and social benefits and potential funding sources. While it acknowledges potential objections, a more robust counterargument section could strengthen the essay by addressing concerns about the burden on taxpayers and maintaining educational quality. The conclusion reinforces the main points, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.


Argumentative Essay - The Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

The pervasive influence of social media on the lives of today's youth has raised significant concerns about its impact on mental health. This essay argues that excessive use of social media contributes to the rise in mental health issues among young people. It delves into the detrimental effects of constant comparison, cyberbullying, and the erosion of real-world relationships. 

While social media offers connectivity and opportunities for self-expression, it also exposes adolescents to unhealthy social comparisons and unrealistic beauty standards. 

Cyberbullying has become a widespread issue, and it affects the self-esteem and emotional well-being of young individuals. Additionally, the constant engagement with screens limits face-to-face interactions, eroding the development of crucial social skills and real-world relationships. 

To mitigate these negative effects, parents, educators, and policymakers must collaborate to educate young individuals about responsible social media use and promote healthy online and offline interactions. 

In conclusion, while social media has its merits, its impact on youth mental health cannot be ignored, and proactive measures are necessary to safeguard the well-being of our younger generation.


This essay effectively addresses the impact of social media on youth mental health, providing a clear thesis statement and supporting evidence. It discusses various negative effects, such as social comparison, cyberbullying, and impaired social skills, making a compelling case. To further strengthen the argument, it could acknowledge potential counterarguments about the positive aspects of social media and provide counterpoints. The conclusion effectively summarizes the key points and emphasizes the need for proactive measures, leaving a strong impression.

Below are some more good argumentative essay examples written by our professional essay writers.

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6th Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

Looking for inspiration for your 6th-grade argumentative essay? Explore this detailed example crafted specifically for 6th graders. 

Argumentative Essay Example Grade 7 

With this example, seventh graders can confidently tackle topics they care about.

Grade 8 Argumentative Essay Examples 

Right here, we've got 8th grader example of an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Examples For Middle School 

Middle school essays are pretty basic and easier to debate. Following is an example of middle school argumentative essay: 

Argumentative Essay Examples For High School PDFs 

Here are some amazing argumentative essay examples for high school students. Read them and get an idea of how you can make your argumentative essay flawless.

Argumentative Essay Examples For College Students 

When it comes to the college level, essay writing becomes more complicated. At this level, students have to write complex papers like research papers or thesis papers.

Here are some argumentative essay examples pdfs that all college students can use as a guide for their next essay assignment:

Argumentative Essay Example for O Level

Following argumentative essay samples can assist you in creating an essay if you are an O Level student.

Short Argumentative Essay Examples

There is no precise word count for an argumentative essay. It just has to persuade the reader and give the author's message to the intended audience.

It can be short or lengthy. It would be considered correct as long as there's a discussion in it.

This is a sample of an argumentative essay.

5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples 

The traditional argumentative essay outline consists of 5 paragraphs: one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion.

Here are 5 paragraph argumentative essay examples pdf for crafting an argumentative essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? Examples 

Writing a compelling argumentative essay can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and examples, it becomes more manageable.

In this section, we'll explore the essential steps along with examples to master the art of crafting persuasive arguments. 

Argumentative Essay Examples Introduction 

The introduction should include an attention-grabbing hook and background information on the topic. Additionally, it should have a clear thesis statement at the end that outlines the main points of your argument. 

After reading through this introduction, readers should have a good understanding of what they can expect from your paper. 

Here is a thesis statement for argumentative essay example:

Need more examples? Don’t worry! Read out these free argumentative essay examples pdf:

How to Write a Body Paragraph of Argumentative Essay 

Body Paragraph 

- Topic Sentence: The third argument for online privacy is the autonomy over personal information.

- Developments: When individuals control their data, they have the autonomy to decide how it's used, promoting personal freedom.

- Rebuttal: Detractors argue that complete autonomy may hinder societal data collection for public safety, but a balance can be struck.

- Development: Online privacy can allow individuals to consent to data collection and determine what information is shared.

- Example: The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal demonstrates the need for individuals to have control over their personal data.

- Summary: This paragraph highlights the importance of autonomy in maintaining personal freedom in the digital world.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Example 

The conclusion of your argumentative essay is an important part where everything ties together. It should summarise your main points and reiterate your argument.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

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Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics 

Choosing an essay topic is sometimes the most difficult part of the writing process. Here are some topics that will help you in brainstorming your topics:

  • Should the government impose a curfew on teens?
  • Should alcohol advertisements be banned?
  • Are cell phones dangerous to our health?
  • Is global warming real or fake?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  • Does the media influence gender roles in society?
  • Is nuclear energy safe?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should abortion be legal in the United States?
  • Is animal testing necessary?

Expert Tip

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of topics, check out our argumentative essay topics blog!

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips 

When it comes to writing high-quality argumentative essays, there are some solid tips you need to know.

Below are 10 useful tips you should keep in mind while crafting an argumentative essay.

  • Choose Engaging Topics

Choosing an engaging topic will make you feel enthusiastic from the moment you start drafting down words in your essay. An argumentative essay topic should always be debatable, arguable, and researchable.

  • Choose the Structure 

An argumentative essay can be structured in three ways: Classical, Toulmin, and Rogerian. Choose any of these types of arguments to give your essay a logical flow and purpose.

  • Conduct Quality Research 

Extensive fact-based research goes a long way in producing a good argumentative essay.  The more you study, the broader your horizons will be, and you will have just that much more supporting evidence.

  • Credible Sources 

You can’t expect someone to agree with opposing views without strong and authentic evidence. If you want someone to change their perspective, you need to persuade them with facts from credible sources.

  • Use Counter Arguments 

One of the most important parts of an argumentative essay is using counter-arguments. Introduce the opposing view in a few short sentences and proceed to refute them with fact-based empirical evidence. This is a powerful way of persuading a reader to agree with your side of the argument.

  • Create a Solid Introduction 

Remember to pay keen attention to the introduction of your essay, as it can make or break your essay. A strong thesis statement lets your readers know your stance and gives them an idea of your philosophy around the topic. 

  • Complex Sentences Never Impress 

Fancy vocabulary and extremely long sentences are too complex to understand. Your goal is to strike the reader’s mind with intelligent arguments and not try to sound smarter than them. Use simple vocabulary, but be fueled with creativity.

  • Clarity and Authority 

When writing an argumentative essay, do not come across as reluctant or uncertain. Whatever you do, don’t play both sides or show your strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. You should choose a side and be confident about the points you make.  

  • Stick to the Essay Length 

When writing an argumentative essay, it is very easy to deviate from the assigned essay length given by your instructor. Writing a 4000-word essay while the maximum essay length given by your instructor was 1500 probably isn’t a good idea.

  • Avoid Sensitive Topics 

Students should avoid hot-button topics like race, sports, politics, and religion at all costs. The last thing you want to do is offend a reader who holds a strong personal opinion of you.

Here is a video with some tips on starting your essay. Be sure to check it out:

In summary, we've explored a wide range of example for different academic levels. These examples will help you in creating strong arguments and using persuasive writing effectively. 

Remember, a good argumentative essay isn't just about stating your opinion. It's about stating it clearly, supporting it with solid evidence, and presenting it convincingly.

Moreover, if you need help with writing argumentative essays, our expert writers are here for you. You can trust our legit essay writing service to help you craft engaging argumentative essays.

With us, you will get 24/7 customer support, timely delivery, free revisions, and more benefits! So place your order at our argumentative essay writing service today!

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