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Interesting Essay Topics to Ensure A Better Grade

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Published on: Sep 16, 2017

Last updated on: May 26, 2023

essay topics

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Essays are hard to start.

It's especially challenging when you have to keep track of all the things your professor wants in your paper

Essay assignments can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different types of essays, and each professor seems to have a different set of requirements. You might feel like you have too many options or are unsure of what the professor is looking for.

With over 380+ topics to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your assignment perfectly. Our extensive list of essay topics has everything you need to get started on your next writing project. From fresh, innovative ideas to classic prompts, we have it all covered. Whatever type of essay you're looking to write, we have a topic for you.

Let's dive right in!

Tips for Choosing the Best Topics

The topic of your essay is the most important part. If your topic is not good, it will be hard to write a good paper.

The best topics are the ones you can easily write about. When choosing your essay topic, think about your audience.

If your audience doesn't know a lot about the topic, don't choose a topic that is too technical or specialized. Also, think about what would be interesting for your readers. What would they like to learn about?

The following essay topic ideas will help you impress your teacher and get a better score.

Covid-19 Topics

  • The current COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on families
  • Coronavirus and its medication
  • How does coronavirus damage a person's health?
  • How did the world change after the coronavirus?
  • Negative side effects of Covid-19
  • Everything you need to know about the coronavirus
  • How did Covid-19 impact businesses?
  • What medicines are good for coronavirus?
  • How does covid-19 lead to cabin fever and anxiety symptoms?

Essay Topics for Different Types of Essays

For writing an essay, the first step is to decide on the topic.

You might think that it is better when teachers assign you a topic. But having the right to come up with your own ideas is always better.

Here you can find interesting topics and ideas for different types of essays to help you get started.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Education should be made free for everyone.
  • Junk food is the primary culprit behind obesity in US
  • Internet access to students should be limited.
  • Does asking someone to reduce weight equate to body shaming?".
  • Should physical education be mandatory for college students?
  • Does the keto diet leads to weight loss in a healthy manner
  • Is golf still a popular sport?
  • Should death penalties be implemented in every country?
  • Sports players on steroids should be banned.
  • Should kids be allowed to adopt e-gaming as a progressive career?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do you hate your favorite childhood superhero now?
  • What’s better: a hot dog, a delicious sandwich, or a burger?
  • Is the body or the mind primary?
  • Do you think that drug use should be legalized?
  • It is a crime to eat french fries without ketchup
  • Is Nutella the best sandwich spread ever made?
  • Fast food is making America fat.
  • Taking candy from a baby.
  • Are the gender equality rules at the school fair?
  • Is the common core good for students?

Looking for more argument essay topics? We have a detailed list of more good argumentative essay topics for your help.

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Contemporary exams do not match the student’s ability.
  • Soda should not be given to children in restaurants.
  • Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public.
  • The internet was created to perform social engineering in societies
  • Parents should be responsible when it comes to providing their children with a healthy diet.
  • Churches should pay taxes too.
  • The drinking age should be raised.
  • Gender identity is determined when a child is young.
  • Same-sex marriages should be made legal all around the world.
  • Illegal immigrants should not be sent to jail.

Explore our detailed guide on persuasive essay topics and find a hot topic or a good idea for your paper.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Advertising influences brand image.
  • Insomnia influences a person’s cognitive ability.
  • How exercising regularly helps reduce stress.
  • Cause and effect of poverty.
  • Effect of school bullying on children.
  • Uber’s influence on taxi drivers.
  • Cause and effect of the internet on the promotion of social programs.
  • Optimal Omega-3 intake leads to better heart health
  • What are the causes of terrorism?
  • Effects of professional sports on children.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • College versus junior high.
  • Unemployed students versus students who work.
  • Washington versus Lincoln.
  • Burger versus pizza.
  • English versus Maths.
  • Movies versus Television shows.
  • Comparison between an apple and an orange.
  • Coke or Pepsi.
  • The sun or the moon.
  • Popcorn or Nachos.

If you need more ideas, here are some interesting compare contrast essay topics for your help.

Narrative Essay Topics

  • Memories from your first day of school.
  • The day when you got your dog.
  • Your favorite movie and why?
  • Memories from the day the power was out.
  • A day at the amusement park.
  • A sad experience with someone you care about.
  • The day you experienced a historic event.
  • An act of kindness.
  • A time when you got lost in a mall.
  • Your most disappointing birthday.

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Expository Essay Topics

  • A social issue that has impacted our society drastically.
  • Why do women choose to continue an abusive relationship?
  • The instances where people face gender discrimination in the workplace.
  • How do people become racist without being unaware?
  • Which religion will you introduce to your children?
  • What materials can be used in building a sustainable structure?
  • If you could create a cure for one disease, what would it be?
  • Which country will you repeatedly visit and the reason behind it?
  • How does pop music impact our way of our life?
  • The sales and production of tobacco should be made illegal.

Here are some more interesting expository essay topics for your help.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

  • "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls.
  • "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson.
  • "The Revenant" By Michael Punke.
  • "Witches Loaves" By O'Henry.
  • Tintern Abbey in Pride and Prejudice.
  • "Yes, Please" By Amy Poehler.
  • Analyse Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘Raven.’
  • "Success Strategies” by David Oedepo
  • A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

The best way to write an interesting essay is by choosing one of our many rhetorical analysis essay topics.

Analytical Essay Topics

  • The impact of Martin Luther King's speech “I have a dream” on modern American politics
  • The significance of Pablo Picasso's artwork “The Old Guitarist”
  • Important characteristics of Denzel Washington Speech at the University Of Pennsylvania
  • Impact of the psychoanalytic theory on modern psychology
  • The impact of Romeo and Juliet on the modern concept of love
  • The significance of national security strategy 2018 on great power politics
  • How does the author's treatment of the subject matter in “The Catcher in the Rye” differ from that in “The Great Gatsby”?
  • How are the characters in “To Kill a Mockingbird” used to illustrate different aspects of racial prejudice in America during the 1930s?
  • How is the treatment of love different in Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet” and “Othello”?
  • How does the author use symbolism to develop the theme of good vs. evil in “The Scarlet Letter”?

Follow the link to get some more ideas and interesting analytical essay topics to begin writing.

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • A painting.
  • A best friend.
  • A dream apartment.
  • The beautiful moment of your life.
  • A day at work.
  • A life-changing experience.
  • Last day at school.
  • Your lucky charm.
  • A class reunion.
  • My favorite singer.

Our essay writers have gathered a huge list of descriptive essay topics ideas for your help. Give it a thorough read.

Informative Essay Topics

  • The education system is changing.
  • Why we should be worried about global warming.
  • How many planets are in space?
  • Effects of global warming.
  • Can wild animals become pets?
  • The cost of college textbooks.
  • How to reduce stress.
  • The influence of modern art.
  • Alcohol and the nervous system.
  • Famous Fast food chains and their business model

You can choose from a wide variety of interesting informative essay topics to meet your needs.

Definition Essay Topics

  • What is dreaming?
  • What is climate change?
  • Define true happiness.
  • What does love mean?
  • What is global warming? And how can it be stopped?
  • What is pro-choice and pro-life?
  • What are communism and capitalism?
  • What are the characteristics of good mental health?
  • What is e-learning and what are its pros and cons?
  • Define sportsmanship.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • How to prevent social media bullying?
  • How to help a depressed person?
  • How texting affects face-to-face relationships?
  • How to prevent injuries in sports?
  • How can parents teach their children about time management?
  • How to deal with manipulative and dominating people?
  • How can schools and colleges be made safer?
  • How to prevent deaths due to drunk driving?
  • How to help families with a child with mental illness?
  • How to stop violence in schools?

Personal Essay Topics

  • A person you admire the most.
  • Are you addicted to games?
  • How did you learn to draw?
  • What is your life’s goal?
  • Things you hate the most?
  • Why do I prefer online shopping?
  • Your biggest achievement.
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What annoys you the most?
  • Why is volunteering important?

Proposal Essay Topics

  • In what ways can we reduce obesity?
  • How to encourage children to be more active in extracurricular activities?
  • How should students be graded?
  • How to manage food resources correctly.
  • How can we stop desertification?
  • How to reduce underemployment?
  • How can technology be used to save the environment?
  • What measures should be taken to avoid the next economic crisis?
  • What is the best way to discipline kids?
  • Effects of unemployment.

Topic Generator

Discover Captivating Topics in a Click!

Evaluation Essay Topics

  • The dip in Manchester United's performance after the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of American secondary education.
  • Evaluate the early and later music career of Micheal Jackson
  • Modern and ancient arts: differences and similarities.
  • Analyse the consequences of cultural shock.
  • What is the difference between European and American curricula?
  • Impact of social media on social relationships.
  • Traditional relationships vs. online relationships.
  • The impact of socioeconomic inequalities on modern American political fault lines
  • Impact of Pearl harbor incidence on World War II

Process Analysis Essay Topics

  • How to start a blog?
  • How to set up your own website?
  • How to plan the perfect birthday party?
  • How to use social sites sensibly?
  • How to end a bad relationship?
  • How to write a book?
  • How to make money online?
  • How to start losing weight in 30 days?
  • How to apply for an internship?
  • How to find a perfect job?

The best way to write an essay is by coming up with a topic that you're passionate about. If your interests are narrow, then be sure to check out some other process analysis essay topics for inspiration!

Illustration Essay Topics

  • Describe how you would make a decision about what career to choose.
  • Illustrate the importance of learning different languages.
  • Is it possible that there is life on other planets? Explain.
  • What is the best way to revitalize your hometown?
  • Can women do everything that men can do? What’s your point of view?
  • Describe the benefits of playing video games?
  • Describe the elements of a sincere apology.
  • Describe why people get married?
  • Describe how movies influence your look at life.
  • Write about your best friend.

If you're stuck on what topic to write about, check out these creative and engaging illustration essay topics.

Exploratory Essay Topics

  • What are the benefits of online dating?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • How safe is nuclear energy?
  • What should be the role of a woman in society?
  • What are the challenges of raising a kid as a single parent?
  • What are the effects of early marriages?
  • The effect of reality tv shows on society
  • Is a long-distance relationship effective?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  • The aftermath of the Tsunami.

Classification Essay Topics

  • Types of eating disorders.
  • Types of Facebook users.
  • Different types of video games.
  • Different types of students in college.
  • Types of self-help strategies for stress and depression.
  • Different types of political systems.
  • Teaching strategies in high school.
  • Types of exercises to lose weight easily.
  • Home remedies for acne.
  • Types of phobias.

We hope that by now you have a good topic for your essay. If not, check out these other classification essay topics.

Synthesis Essay Topics

  • The Electoral College as a tool to determine the outcome of Presidential elections.
  • Predicting animal adaptation by examining various evolutionary theories.
  • A side-by-side analysis of the theories behind JFK's shooting
  • Economic and social impacts of proposed legislation by Donald Trump
  • Comparing plans to attract more visitors and create business opportunities.
  • Examining crime rates in urban locations and the countryside
  • Analysis of different theories on the causes of the Great Depression
  • An account of the American Civil War from historical texts
  • A synthesis of different theories of motivation to create behavioral change
  • A unified approach to managing diabetes by examining global research from around the world
  • The scientific method as a means of acquiring knowledge

We hope that you will find the perfect topic for your essay. If there's a specific kind of subject matter which interests you, be sure to check out more synthesis essay topics.

Good Essay Topics for Students

The following are lists of ideas for essays on various topics for students.

Essay Topics for Kids

  • Environmental pollution
  • Internet and its usage
  • Importance of friends
  • My favorite book
  • Global warming
  • Your favorite fruit
  • Life without a mobile phone
  • Life goals
  • What is the use of a computer?
  • Computer and science

Essay Topics for Grade 3

  • Sports and games.
  • Time management.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Corruption.
  • My last summer vacation.
  • Is it good to be bilingual?
  • Eating healthy.
  • First aid.
  • Terrorism.
  • PE in the curriculum.

Essay Topics for Grade 4

  • Importance of discipline.
  • Natural resources.
  • Importance of family.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Capital punishment.
  • Importance of recycling.
  • Teamwork.
  • Dedication.
  • Tourism.
  • Child memories.

Essay Topics for Grade 5

  • A memorable trip with the family.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Greenhouse effect.
  • The conversation of nature.
  • Communication skills.
  • Secular state.
  • Fundamental rights.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Benefits of morning walk.
  • A city that you like to visit.

Essay Topics for Middle School Students

What are some good essay topics for middle school?

Remember, middle schoolers, your final grade also depends on the topic you choose for your essay. Many middle school students find it difficult to come up with an interesting topic for their essays. For your help, we have provided you with interesting essay topic ideas that you can choose from.

  • Different methods to mow the lawn.
  • Ways to deal with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • Ways to help you get rid of bad habits.
  • Things that you need to throw an excellent party.
  • Tricks that can help you find a nice roommate in college.
  • Do schools do enough to prevent bullying?
  • Is climate change real, and is it happening?
  • Write about the funniest experience you have ever had.
  • Should we fear failure?
  • Is fast food to blame for the obesity problem?

Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • Freedom of the press.
  • Vehicle pollution.
  • Does art pay?
  • Domestic violence.
  • Impact of stress on health.
  • Causes of racism.
  • Importance of tree plantation.
  • Life on Mars.
  • Reading books.

Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • Financial literacy.
  • Morning walk.
  • Child labor.
  • Life of soldiers.
  • A funny incident.
  • Why learning history is important.
  • Benefits of ebooks.
  • How to prevent global warming.
  • Effects of erosion.
  • Environment and human health.

Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • Population growth.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Culture and tradition.
  • Pollution due to firecrackers.
  • How to help animals.
  • Why homework is important.
  • The best reality tv show.
  • Video game addiction.
  • Problems faced by working women.
  • Consequences of global warming.

Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • Horror films.
  • Bad language.
  • Hip-hop.
  • Is tattoo art?
  • Honesty.
  • Healthy food.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Career and goals
  • Train journey
  • How can one prevent stress due to COVID-19?

Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • Should you pay attention to what other people say about you?
  • Regulation of alcohol usage.
  • What causes addiction to junk food, and how to combat it?
  • Obesity: main causes and remedial steps.
  • Teenage versus adulthood.
  • Comparison between cats and dogs.
  • Difference between homework and class assignments.
  • Pros and cons of traveling alone.
  • Are public schools better than private schools?
  • Homeschooling versus attending an actual school.

Essay Topics for Grade 11

  • Difference between exams in colleges and schools.
  • Difference between driving a bike and a car.
  • Essay writing versus blog writing.
  • The best childhood memory.
  • My family treasures.
  • What is the importance of a kid's participation in sports?
  • Do fad diets actually work?
  • What will life be like in 2050?
  • Your most memorable trip
  • A visit to a hill station

Essay Topics for Grade 12

  • The most striking news of the past year
  • The era of digitalization
  • Highly graded subjects
  • What is an allergy?
  • Why are movies better than books?
  • A successful marriage
  • Recycling should be compulsory
  • Life before and after the internet
  • Career tips for students
  • What is your role model?

Essay Topics for High School Students

Finding an interesting essay topic for a high school essay is not an easy task. That's why our experts have curated a list of interesting topics for your help.

Have a look at the following topics for high school essays to come up with your own ideas.

  • Does the fashion industry need to change the way they advertise?
  • Do beauty pageants carry any benefits for women?
  • Should women get plastic surgery?
  • What instigated World War 2?
  • What do people mean when they say “Fake news?”
  • Can constant use of drugs cause brain damage?
  • Can gun control help in regulating crime?
  • Is summer school designed to help children?
  • Methods that are used by professionals to get their dream job.
  • The ways to deal with on-campus violence.

Essay Topics for College Students

Teachers expect more from college students. Therefore coming up with ideas that can grab the teacher’s attention is an important yet difficult task to accomplish. To help college students, here are some interesting topic ideas to make the start of your essay writing much easier.

  • Role of Modern Media in contributing to eating disorders.
  • Is technology turning people into zombies?
  • Is censorship on the internet necessary?
  • Will there be a 3rd World War?
  • Every student should have the right to choose the discipline they are interested in. Discuss.
  • What does it take to become a politician?
  • The reasons behind high unemployment rates.
  • The aftermath of earthquakes.
  • Which countries have the most corruption?
  • Should there be a restriction on the sales and production of tobacco?

Essay Topics by Subjects

During the course of any subject, teachers ask students to write essays related to one general topic. The variety of subtopics can easily confuse students to make up a good essay topic. To help such students, here is a list of essay topics by subjects to choose from.

Essay Topics on Languages

  • The change of language over time.
  • The use of text messages has ruined the modern language: is it true?
  • How to explore new languages.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming and how it works.
  • Physical communication or verbal communication: which is effective?
  • Explore the ways in which people can communicate.
  • Benefits of learning a second language.
  • Explain how learning languages work.
  • Is learning a new language in high school important?
  • Why is English important?

Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Influence of social media on youth.
  • What are the cons of social media?
  • Should texting and driving be illegal?
  • The impact of social media on the life of teenagers.
  • How does social media affect the relationship between parents and children?
  • Does social media like Pinterest should be used in the classrooms?
  • How to handle the problem of being bullied through social media?
  • What rules should students follow when posting to social media?

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Technology and the global economy.
  • The positives and effects of technology.
  • The role of 3-D printing in Medicine.
  • What science has to offer to disabled people?
  • Face detection software and the problem of identity theft.
  • Adding connectivity to our home devices: is it helpful or not?
  • Cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • How has technology changed our life?
  • Life without technology
  • Technology has its own rules

Essay Topics on Current Affairs

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy
  • The Impact of Brexit on the European Union
  • The Refugee Crisis in Europe
  • Climate Change and its Impacts
  • Terrorism and its Impact on International Relations
  • The Challenge of Global Terrorism
  • The Crisis in Ukraine
  • The Conflict in Syria
  • The Rise of Populism

Essay Topics on Corruption

  • The Impact of Corruption on Economic Development
  • The Relationship Between Corruption and Inequality
  • The Role of the Media in Combating Corruption
  • The Impact of Corruption on Political Stability
  • The Relationship Between Corruption and Crime
  • The Use of Technology in Combating Corruption
  • International Cooperation in Combating Corruption
  • The Private Sector and Combating Corruption
  • Civil Society and Combating Corruption
  • The Causes of Corruption

Essay Topics on Climate Change

  • The effects of climate change on human health
  • The impact of climate change on global food security
  • The economic impacts of climate change
  • The role of the media in communicating the risks of climate change
  • The ethical implications of climate change
  • The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture
  • The Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife
  • The Potential Solutions to Climate Change
  • The Challenges in Implementing Solutions to Climate Change
  • The Role of the Individual in Solving Climate Change

Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Social media and its impact on society
  • The role of social media in promoting democracy
  • The use of social media in marketing and advertising
  • Social media and its impact on relationships
  • The role of social media in education
  • The use of social media by law enforcement and other government agencies.
  • The role of social media in the spread of misinformation and fake news.
  • The impact of social media on the way we consume news and information.
  • The role of social media in the rise of “echo chambers” and filter bubbles.
  • The potential for social media to be used as a tool for surveillance and control

Essay Topics on Democracy

  • The origins of democracy
  • The evolution of democracy
  • The benefits of democracy
  • The drawbacks of democracy
  • The future of democracy
  • The different forms of democracy
  • The relationship between democracy and development
  • The impact of globalization on democracy
  • The future of democracy
  • Democratic theory and practice

Essay Topics on Social Issues

  • The Impact of Social Media on Society
  • The Relationship between Education and Social Class
  • The Role of the Family in Child Development
  • The Effects of Poverty on Health
  • The Impact of Technology on Human Interaction
  • The impact of technology on social interactions
  • The effects of social media on body image
  • How to deal with cyberbullying
  • Raising children in a digital age

Essay Topics on Current Issues

  • The rise of the gig economy and its impact on workers
  • The role of technology in increasing inequality
  • The challenges of climate change adaptation
  • The implications of Brexit for the European Union
  • The rise of populism and its impact on democracy
  • The increasing inequality of wealth and income
  • The spread of infectious diseases
  • The threat of nuclear proliferation
  • The decline of democracy in developed countries
  • The rise of China as a global power
  • The spread of religious extremism

Essay Topics About Mental Health

  • The prevalence of mental health disorders in the United States.
  • The impact of mental health disorders on individuals and society.
  • The causes of mental health disorders.
  • The treatments available for mental health disorders.
  • The challenges faced by individuals with mental health disorders.
  • CBT for obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Role of Antidepressants in treating Depression
  • Impact of noise pollution on mental health
  • Social media use leads to negative self-esteem
  • Attachment issues in adults is related to childhood parenting issues

Essay Topics about Music

  • Music as a form of expression
  • The role of music in society
  • Music and emotion
  • Music and the brain
  • The history of music
  • The positive role of music in improving mental health
  • Music and the college life
  • Pop music has reduced the importance of classical music
  • Good lyrics are important for the success of a classical song
  • Good music leads to successful blockbuster movies

Essay Topics About Love

  • Love as a universal emotion
  • The different stages of love
  • The concept of love in different cultures
  • The role of love in our lives
  • The impact of love on our mental and physical health
  • The concept of love in different cultures
  • The evolution of love over time
  • The different types of love
  • The role of love in our lives
  • Love and sex

Essay Topics About Yourself

  • Introduce yourself in a unique way that captures your reader's attention.
  • Discuss an accomplishment that you are proud of, and how it has shaped who you are today.
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge, and how you overcame it.
  • Share an experience that has helped to shape your values and beliefs.
  • Discuss what you hope to achieve in the future, and how your experiences to date have prepared you for this.
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how you coped with it.
  • Tell us about a time when you were proud of yourself and why.
  • What are your plans for the future?

Essay Topics About the Environment

  • The impact of human activity on the environment
  • The role of the government in protecting the environment
  • The importance of the greenhouse effect
  • The challenges of climate change
  • The future of the environment
  • The threat of climate change
  • The impact of deforestation
  • The loss of biodiversity
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution and impact on human health

Feel free to choose from the above topics and start writing your essay confidently.

Get Essay Help On Any Topic From Expert Writers

Keep in mind that your essay topic accounts for 50% of its success. It plays an important role to get the attention of readers and invoke their interest. 

If you decide on a good argumentative topic and support it with relevant discussion, you will definitely get a good grade. Otherwise, you can also hire a professional essay writer online.

Hopefully, our essay help online succeeded in giving you several interesting ideas in regard to different topic choices. 

We have suggested topics for different levels of education, types of essays, and subjects. We have provided you with the best and latest English essay topics for your help.

Therefore, refer to the above essay topics list to drive ideas and then create an interesting paper. 

Contact our best essay writing service if you need your essay written by experts!

Nova A.


Nova A. (Literature, Marketing)

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

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